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Friday, July 21, 2006

Hitlers House

Hitlers House

Braunau is a peaceful village on the River Inn. This river is the border between present day Austria and present day Germany. Bavaria to be exact.This is a very old city. There is an old wall around this picturesque city that was built in the year 903. So that would be 1,103 years ago... Cobblestone streets and archways leading from one part of town to another.
Lots of clock towers and pretty girls, cute-as-can-be sidewalk cafes and bakeries with unbelievably good Bretzles (pretzels).
So its like this see, and I am walking along this peaceful no....tranquil, quaint street and there is this big stone. It is actually a monument, like uhhh, lets say a "gravestone" in the sidewalk. Just there. No sign No warning just there in the sidewallk a subtle monument to this towns most famous son. Kind of brownish colored, and on the front it says this in German:

which in English means : for peace, freedom and democracy, never again fascism, millions of dead remind (mahnen means remind) so you know, its like a reminder. And on the back it says this in German:

which in Englis means this: stone from the concentracion camp Mauthausen...

It is in front of this apartment building where once there lived an innocent litle baby boy...named Adolf, who grew up to be the symbol of modern evil, The slayer of the Jew, the Father of modern day Israel...
"whoa man, what do you mean???" You may ask.
Well its kind of like this:

Without Hitler, without the second world war, without the rivers... No. Not rivers. Without the OCEANS OF BLOOD... surely there would be no Israel today... Truly without the father there would be no son...
In his effort to kill, to wipe out, to genocide, to annihilate the Jews, that ancient tribe, without this effort eliminate that ancient tribe. This ancient peopele, these Jews, these Givers of the Ten Commandments, there would be no Israel today. Yes of course, there would be a lot more Jews today but there would be no ISRAEL!
This is truly one of the great ironys of our time. Without Hitler there would be no Israel.
What would old Adolf, think of the Jews, the Israelites, killing 400 Lebanese civilians, un-armed civilians, in Revenge for the deaths of 8 Israeli soldiers. Would not the father be proud of his son? Oh the irony.
He tried to Kill the Jews. He did not succeed.He didnt wipe out the Jews but he destroyed them. Oh yes he did destroy them. For the Jews of 1931 would never. Would NEVER in 5,600 years they would never have committed such a sin. The Israelites yes. The Jews never. In 5,600 years the Jews never had committed such a sin. Never had they so violated their own laws their covenant with the God of Abraham.
I hear them. They say, They are fighting Hizbolah. They are fighting the Terrorists. They are fighting Anti Semitism. They are fighting the Communists. They are fighting Neo-Faascism. They are fighting anti-Judiasm. They are changing the name of Murder. They would call murder self defense. Would not the father be proud?
Anti judiasm is anti ten comanadmentism. Thou shalt not kill... Weelllll, no. Thou shalt not MURDER . Hah, its okay to kill chickens and steers and salmon. Not people. Thats different. We are Jews after all, not Buddhists, not Vegetarians oh no...

When the French resistance would kill a Nazi soldier the Nazis would go into
the village nearest the attack and kill 10 civilians.

“Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time.I think I've forgotten this before.” - Stephen Wright

It would be funny if it wasnt Murder. It is not funny.
It is not Holy. It is not Jihad. It is not righteous. Jihad is when a prophet leads an army. Do you see any prophets in the knessit? Do you see any prophets in Hizbollah? In Al Queda? In the White House? When Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and the walls came tubmbling down, When the walls were breached by the hand of the all-mighty, ahh, well, now that was Jihad. This?... This is Murder.
When a human being, when a mortal man climbs on board a bus and and sits next to a pregnant woman and her 4 year old daughter and pulls the pin and blows himself up and kills innocent women and children...
This is not Jihad. Oh no not jihad. Not Holy War. No! There is another word for this.
The word is murder.If you follow the Prophet Joshua into battle and you are killed you are indeed a martyr. If you follow the Prophet Mohammad into battle and you are killed indeed you are a martyr.
When you follow Charles Manson, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Bin Laden, Bush, you are not a martyr. You are a murderer.
There is a stone on a tranqul street from the concentration camp Masuthausen that serves as a silent solemn (mahnen) reminder.
Where once not so long ago the father, the son and the ignoble spirt was born and lived as an innocent babe...


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