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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Travel update from Oaxaca

Greetings from Oaxaca
28 Marzo 2006
¡Aye Caramba! ¡Me amo Mexico! Sooo here I am in Puerto Escondido. I have been here for about 15 days and I willl depart this wonderful city on the Bay on el primero de Abril or April Fool day as it is known in some parts of the world.
I think I have been to Mexico 7 times. I dont remember the exact number. But ever since the first time I have always been enamored with this place. Its just the Anarchy or the feeling of freedom through corruption that I love so much. It is really a place where you feel you can just do whatever you want and if it goes all to hell, well you just give the nice man in the uniform a 1000 peso donation to his favorite charity (usually a small dark cantina) and your problems just disappear.
Puerto Escondido, is a small city of maybe 10 or 20,000 people. It is divided into two parts the alta and the baja. The alta is on top of the cerro (hill) and the baja is down below by the beachs. This is home of the famous Mexican Pipeline at Zicatela one of the worlds great surf breaks. These waves come in at about 20 feet (6meters) and even if you dont surf it is great to watch the kids getting wiped out and boards broken in two and the great wave riders doing their thing! It is cheap to stay here. I am not drinking very much and this being the case and cooking for myself, why I am only spending about 15 to 18 dollars per day.
The weather is hot and sunny day after day. Everyone here walks around in bathing suits and shorts and the locals are very friendly. Along the top of the beach, there are these little stalls where they sell the fishermans catch right off the boats. All fish costs 70 pesos per kilo,(6.50 US) and the fish is gorgeous!! fresh tuna, red or black snappers, corvina, cocinero,sierra, bonito mackeral wahoo, aye aye aye I am eating very well thank you. Plus Oaxacaños are famous as the best cooks in Mexico, so when you do eat out it is always extraordinary. The salsas are simply superb!! Quite picante going in and oh mine babies like napalm coming out in the morning!! Great sauces, napales, chayotes, freshest shrimps or fish you will ever see. I love Mexico.
Here in Oaxaca Mescal is king. They are not tequilla drinkers. Mescal here is cheap and smooth and potent, and you can buy it without the worm. Something I appreciate. I dont like bugs in my booze. They also make GREAT cheeses here... and ahh well you get the idea, eh? Cheap, beautiful beaches, Great food, great booze and the buds here are of high quality as well, nice and green and pungent but sometimes a little seedy but the price is un beatable, so a few semillas are certainly tolerable.
I have fallen in with a good crew of travelers, and having good friends makes everything that much better.
Well thats all for now. I will update you all from Oaxaca city which will be my next stop. I will be at Hostal Pochon beginning 1 April for a week or two. Here is a parting thought from Benito Juarez who was one of the greatest statesman and libertarians of world history. 7 times president of Mexico and Mexicos only indian president in her history, He too is from Oaxaca
"respecting the rights of others brings peace"...Benito Juarez
Love and Happiness to all of you!


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