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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hola from Honduras

Hi Everyone,
I am in a little Beach town on the Carribean Sea called Tela in Honduras. I have been in Honduras for 4 days now.
I left Granada Nicaragua ( a real Jewel of a town) about 2 weeks ago after 5 or 6 days at an excellent hostel called La Libertad. I got a ride with a couple of nice Newly Wed Israelis a MD and a Psychologist, who had bought a car in USA and driven it down to here and now had to sell it because it is a hassel of Herculean proportions to bring it into Costa Rica. I dont know the details but I got a free ride to Managua out of the deal (where they are going to sell the car)with two very nice people so...
From there I got on a mini bus that broke down half way to Peñitas. We stood around in the hot weather for a half an hour before another bus stopped and took us the rest of the way to Leon where I changed busses and finally arrived in a lovely little beach town. Peñitas. It means small rocks. Beautiful long (22km) white sand beaches on Nicaraguas Pacific coast. I stayed at a little French run Hotel with KILLER food called Barca de Oro. After four uneventful days of beach walking, sitting quietly, reading books, and swimming (ahhh what a life eh?) I finally motivated to go to Leon.
Not easy to find Big Foot Hostel unless you know where to look. It is new (so the beds are nice and comfy) and none of the taxi drivers know where it is. You have to tell them to take you to Via Via Hostel, which is just across the street. Everyone knows Via Via it is famous and a little rowdy and has a loud bar popular with travelers and locals alike. So I stayed at Bigfoot which is very nice indeed just across the street and way cheap at $3.00US per night.
First night, I went to Via Via, they had a live 6 man band. Whoa these guys was HOT HOT HOT a wired looking white dude played an acoustic bass guitar which looks like the big round back (ovation back) Mexican bass guitar that the Mariachi guys play. Excellent bass player. 3 percussionists all good and a keyboards player and a guitar player( who kind of thought he was Carlos Santana but he wasnt...) They played Samba basa nova, regae and some old Santana favorites like Oye Como Va and a bunch of other real nice music. I drank too much Cerveza Toña and Flor de Caña rum and had a great time. I really liked Leon. I think it is my favorite city in Nicaragua.
After Leon I took off with a bunch (4)of Americans. All cool guys. A surfer dude from Maryland, an organic farmer and horticulturalist from Oregon and two recently graduated Uni students from Minnesota who are on a voyage of self-discovery. All excellent travelling mates.
We went togetehr to Esteli. Near the Honduran Border.
Esteli is famous for being a Sandanista stronghold, and for making World Class cigars. We went because it is typically Nicaraguan and it is really cheap (our hotel Hospedaje San Francisco cost less than US $2.00 per person), and because you have to go there to go to Miraflores Nature reserve.
Miraflores is full of organic coffee farms and tobacco growers and organic veggie farmers. Beautiful waterfalls and wonderful orchids and great huge 500year old trees!! We went up there and had a 10 km hike hoping to spot the rare and beautiful Quetzal Birds who inhabit the reserve but had no luck. We went with a cool little 18 year old guide named Veronica. She was great. She showed us all these medicinal plants and took us to organic fincas and a nice waterfall with a pool (too cold for swimming), and an excellent lunch with organic coffee grown right there and an all organic vegetable curry from right out of the garden. A F-I-N-E fine day indeed!! And a top rated lunch after a 7k hike we wuz starvin like Marvin and that organic feed hit the old spot, lemme tell yez. After lunch we lounged in the garden waited for the rain to stop and walked 3km more to get our bus back to Esteli.
Two more days in Leone and off I went to Honduras.
A full travel day from Esteli at beginning at 6am changing busses 3 times to arrive in San Pedro de Sula at 7pm. Spent the night in that less than memorable town and then off to Omoa on the Carribean. I stayed there for two nights in Roli`s Place, a hostel owned by Roli a Swiss guy and run by a Honduran woman who seems to be his girlfriend. Nice place a nice outdoor kitchen free bikes free kayaks free water to drink but old Roli needs to take an anger management course...Harruummmphhh. The beach was small and not so great so I left and now I am in Tela where I have arrived about 4 hours ago and am staying at Posada sel Sol. I will go to Triunfo de Cruz, a little Garafuna village tomorrow and if I like it stay a couple of days there.
So thats all for now. Here is a little closing thought ...

"I always thought there were only two forces in this world good and Evil, God and the Devil. But there is a third force as strong as the other two, Stupidity. God the Devil and the half wits are struggling for control of the world"...Robert Daley
Be safe and Have Fun,
Rambling Robert


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