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Monday, July 10, 2006

changing continents

Changing continents...
Hi Everyone,
It has been a while since my last update. Last time I wrote Iwas just arrived in New England in New Hampshire. I have always loved New Hampshire. It is a beautiful and scenic State. Lots of mountains little streams lakes and ponds everywhere and very friendly, laid back, down to earth kind of people. I stayed in the home of my old New Orleans room mates, Perrin and Julie and their two kids. Perrin and I attended Chef school together. We live nin New York together for a year or so and then in New Orleans for about 3 years,. The boy can cook. Whoa... the boy can cook!! We ate some great meals there with fresh lettuce and herbs from his garden everynight for outta-this-world gifts from the Goddess salads.
We went to see a "double A" baseball game between New Hampshire Fishercats and Portland(Maine) Sea Dogs. I love Baseball. Our team ( JFishercats) lost 14 to 7.
There is nothing more "American" than going to a ball game at the end of June and sitting in the sun in 98F (35C) heat!!Had a hotdog and a Samuel Adams beer. It was Angelas first baseball game. Seriously good chance her last as well, ah so it goes...It may have been more a highllight of MY trip than of HERS!!
We took lots of long bike rides in NH and went to the beach on our bikes (actually we borrowed the bikes from Perry and Maddy). About 6 miles each way to the beaach mostly flat. Good exercise. Wonderful hot tubs on the deck followed by cool plunges into the pool. Lovely evening chats over red wine on the porch swatting mosquitos. Good times fer sher.
The train from Exeter New Hampshire to New York City takes about 5 hours including transfers. The train beats the tail off the greyhound!! The train is deffinately the way to go around here if you are near a train station I would take the train everytime instead of the bus!!! WE arrived at Penn Station the huge city train hub in the sprawling labyrinth of New Yorks underground transportation kingdom, and switched to a subway ( got lost...well not lost, but) went to the 178th street port authority by mistake instead of the 42nd street port authority to get the bus to my brothers hoouse in NJ.Things have changed since I lived here in 1981. I always took the bus from 178th street...
So we finally got to New Jersey and stayed a few days and then went back to New York. First to Peekskill to see an old buddy of mine Named Joel.
To get to Peekskill you bus to New York then subway over to Grand Central Station on 42nd and Lexsington, then take the Metro North Train to Poughkeepsie and get off at Peekskill. You cruise along in air conditioned comfort with the Hudson river out the window most of the way.
Two very peaceful nights of Bar B Qs and raiding Joels 800 bottel wine cellar
and two days of lazy llunging at the pool int the back yard were just what we needed for preparing us to visit Neil and Jade on New York Citys hustel and bustel Lower East Side. I have been to New York about 6 times since I left in 1981 and always see Neil and he has lived in the same place for the last 18 years or so. So it was easy to get there for us on the train to the City and then on the subways.
The token machines to enter the subway (Metro, Underground, Tubes etc) are gone now and you get a computer swipe card instead. Confused the heck out of Angela and I at first but once you get the idea the cards work well. I always used the subways as a child and so I am comfgortable on them and always feel safe there. Some people dont like them. They are a lot faster than the bus. Neil lives right in between three of my favorite New York City restaurants. 3 blocks from Katz's Deli(est 1894), 1 block from Yonah Shimmels Knishery (est 1910) and 1 block from Russ and Daughters, which is the best place in New York for caviar and smoked fish. We made a killer breakfast in Central park of fresh black bread with caviar cream-cheese, and avocado, topped with smoked Irish Salmon, Smoked Belly Lox (anothergood but saltier salmon), smoked yellow tail tuna, and smoked Sabel Fish. We bought a Red cabbage and a Mushroom knish from Yonas and fresh baked rugaleh pastries for dessert. Right by the pond where everyone operates the little radio powered sail boats, and then went off to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, through China town and Little Italy, then over to Battery park and watch the boats come in and out of New York Harbor and steam past the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
New York is definately the greatest city in America and maybe the world. Certainly in my top 5 along with London Paris Tokyo and Buenos Aires. We stayed out late every night listened to Jazz ate at restaurants, walked around looking at the people, went to the Whitney, We had a great time. Great time. I love New York.
So after our 3 day weekend in the City,we took the subway back uptown to 42nd street Bus terminal and went to New Jersey again.I haave now been in NJ for about a week and am ready to leave. We leave for the airport in another 3 hours and then we arrive in Dublin Ireland. I will spend my summer months in Austria, Slovenia Romania and Bulgaria. So thats all for now. I gottaa go and change continents!!
"Life is the moment we are living right now" Paulo Coehlo
Peace out my Friends,
Rambling Robert


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