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Monday, April 17, 2006

fear and tloathing in Oaxcaca

Fear and Loathing in Oaxaca

"I hate to advocate drugs alcohol violence or insanity to anyone but they have always worked for me"..... Hunter S Thompson

¡Aye chingaso!, the Rambling man is toasted.
Well I lied about the last update from mexico being last week. here we go again. I am still here in Oaxaca. I am three shets to the wind. I have just enjoyoed a couple of leeters of Corona (local ber) and some tah-kill-ya and two shotza mescal. anodder local favorite. Well Well Well.

"The highest form of wisdom is to get drunk and go to pieces." -- Rudyard
Kipling I must be getting smarter by the minute
Dear Aby, Dear abby
well you wont believe this
two months in mexico and i aint got the shits!!
I jsut spent about a couple thousand of them there americano buckaroos on the internet this afternoon abuying plane tickets to se people in USA as part of my trip to the great north american empire. I am goin to Florida soon. then I am goin to North Carolina. I cant wait to se my friends. Gawd for a guy who doesnt get ñhomesick I miss the shit outta som o you peeple
I am so freaked out about going home. I dsont even know if its home any more. I hope the guys at the airport dont hassel me and put me inna little room and search myo cavities.

I just hate it when that happens
I hope my old mates still like me. funny thing to worry about but that is what my mind is doing these last couple ñof weks. I dont care if the guv-a-mint doesnt kike me shit I never liked them anyways. but back home man I gotta lotta people I really care about and they usedta love me but ñI dont know now because i might not even be who ñthey think I am anymore.
( just kinda fell of the chair here in the innernet cafe and Luis the guy who runs the place is lookin at me weird.)
good thing this is Mexico
I went out last night to a baseball game with this old guy (old...he is my age!!)Rodrigo who lives in the placew i rent from. great game the oaca guerreros againstr the leones de yucatan. Oaxaca won 6 to 4. Great game. we sat with the rowdies and the gusy who play the drums and yell. Oaxaca has a good team I think. I had a greatt time. my last ball game was in Nicaragua i had a greatt time there too. When I get to California I want to go and se the A`s they are my favorites. I miss baseball. I miss my friends. i MISS everybodddy who is gonna get this e-mail.
Yo Ryan dude I am getting deper and darker this time fer sher.
I miss flor de caña. I miss the cool canadiencalgaary guy with the tatoos.
I miss the two funny israeli guys at the lost city. I miss the irish chix from Argentina. I miss Angela most.
Shit I even miss the people I dont miss.
The thing about travelling is you meet people for a wek or a couplle of days ñand you ñare lime best mates and then pooof they are gone forever.
I wish my friends would e-mail me more.
I think this is the first time I have ben drink in about a year. I dont really miss boozing up much. but somtimes thats just what happens, huh?
I got a 26 hour bus ride this time next wek to get to cancun and then to get to ñUSA the next day. I gotta go ñto a heart doctor there to se If I am gonna die. somfin isnt right in there
well I know Im gonna die I just dont know how soon.now i am goin back home to the place where I am stayin. then I am going home to where i used to live in california

Mama, Mama, many worlds I've come
since I first left home
Goin home, goin home
by the waterside I will rest my bones
Listen to the river sing sweet songs
to rock my soul...Robert Hunter

I wil see yes all soon either in this world or the nex
RAmbling Robert
sorry you all I cant figuer out how to use this spel ñchecker !hah¡ you all progbably dont know hwhat the hell I am talking about.
Sorry for the sp


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remember Jake Reynolds....Harumph!!!!

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