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Friday, June 16, 2006

New Hampshire USA

Hi Everyone,
So I am back on the East Coast of USA, this time in the Northeastern Corner in Beautiful New Hampshire, the heart of "New England". On the license plates of the cars, the state motto is "Live free or Die"...hhmmm, well, uh yeah, that sounds about right...
I arrived here with Angela very late at night on the 15th of June. We flew into Manchester from San Diego after finishing up our 19 days in California.
We arrived in California and went directly to Petaluma in California's best wine country district of Sonoma county. Visited with old friends from my teen ager hood.
We stayed with this most superb family of 5 and visited Americas best bakery the Freestone Bakery on our first morning. A real high light. Then went cruising around The Russian River resort area and stoned tramped into Armstrong woods for a brief hike among the giant redwood trees. Angela was enchanted as is, I think, everyone, the first time they see these huge 800 to 1200 year old trees.
Then the next day we went off for a day of very touristy activity in San Francisco. Drove across the Golden Gate Bridge for a lovely view of the Bay, and went riding the street car to Fishermans warf and then walking over to Girardelli Square for hot chocolate and a couple of kilos of great chocolate treats for later (all gone now). Had lunch at a fine fine fine chinese restaurant called House of Hunan in China town. If you ever go to San Francisco find this place. It has won dozens of awards and deserves every gold ribbon bestowed upon it.We stayed in Sonoma for 5 nights drinking young zinfandel and old scotch and visiting with my friend and his family. Two very cool teen age boys and their perfectly turbulant sister who is just 6 but already destined to be the empress of the galaxy.
We bummed a ride with friends of friends who took us to Paso Robles about 300 miles south. and stayed at Chateau Lettau in the Nodder Hill Resort. Our friends there have a fabulous sprawling home on acreage and they make their own wine and have a swimming pool and a pool house bar and a hot tub and , and, and, well you get the point huh? More great feasts and old wines from RBs cellar. 85 and 86 vintage Bordeaux and an old Dunn Cabernet thrown in for good measure and some nice Mendocino brewing company micro brewed beers and all in all a lot of drinking in Californias wine country!! Good luck provided me with time to see almost all my old friends and to spend a couple of days with Jonathan and Christina in Shell Beach where (you guessed it!!) more feasting and drinking of extraordinary wines. 1985 La Mission Haut Brion and 1970 fonseca port and great foods and great conversations and breaking my meat fast with a 20 ounce rib eye steak at Jockos with my cousin Leonard and old pals Eric George Jonathan and John.
After 6 days on the fabulous central coast we grey hounded it down to La Jolla, the best neighborhood in San Diego just in time for (guess what) the wine and roses charity event. Where we drank more fantastic Califonia wines and feasted on imported cheeses and cuisines of 20 of San Diego's best restaurants.
Kicked back with our friends Dave and Stefanie for a few days and saw Czech republic demolish USA team in World cup play and then raided his cellar of a bunch of 1980s vintage Burgundies from Corton clos de Roi and Bressands and even a Bonnes Marre and drowned our sorrows !!! Does it sound like old rambling Robert has been having a little too much fun?
So Then off we go into the wild blue yonder flying to New Hampshire from Lindberg field over the aircraft carriers Reagan and the Constellation. Sure glad to have those good ol' boys protecting my freedoms...Never felt safer.
So here I am in New Hampshire and so I will be until Wednesday next when we take the train from Exeter New Hampshire to Boston and then trasfer and arrive same day in Penn Station middle of the Island of Manhattan NEW-YORK-CITY.
So my friends there you have it. All caught up on the great American adventure.
Gonna sign off with this profound bit of wisdom from Americas greatest philosopher Ben Franklin:
"Wine is gods constant reminder that he loves us and wants us to have a good time"
This is Rambling Robert
reporting live
From the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave


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