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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back in Europe Greetings from Austria

Hi Everyone,
It has been a hectic pace lately. So to begin, I arrived back in New Jersey rom New Hampshire and went again to stay with my brother Eric and his family. He and my sister in law Anna have 3 boys aged 13 9 and 4. They are a real handful. They also have two big dogs named Rocky and Mack and a cat named Scat.
He lives only 5 minutes from a nice little park with a wooded forest and a stream where you can take secluded walks. Thank you Little Baby Jesus!! To say the house is noisy is an understatement. The kids and their friends are running all over and the dogs are barking and the TV is on and Aye Aye Aye! I am not really used to haveing a lot of kids around. Whew. I dont know how he does it...We went out together and I went with him to help at his job which I dont think I was really much help but I went to make a few deliveries and yaddah yadda yadda and we were able to cruise all areound the old neighborhoods where I used to live and hang out as a child and teen ager. It is cool to see how things have changed and also how they have stayed the same.
Best was when we went to Harriman State Park.
Harriman is about a gazillion acres of pristine wooded forest with lots of steams waterfalls and 7 beautiful lakes. It is in New York state only an hour or so from New York City but a whole world away in reality. We went there twice once for a 8 mile *10 k hike and once just for a picnic by a lake with Erics family except fro Dan his oldest son who os 13 and too cool to hang out with his family. I know how he feels as I was just like him when I was his age. So similar in fact it is a little scary. I only hope he doesnt go through all the madness that I went through...But I guess I turned out okay in the end or maybe I should ay I turned out okay in the middle...
let me just say...OH HOW FINE IT FEELS TO BE OUT OF THE USA AGAIN!!!Flew from Newark to Dublin Ireland. Stayed at Globetrotters Hostel on Lower Gardiner Street. Lower Gardiner is a bit like Koh San Road in Bangkok in that all the backpackers and cheap budget travellers stay here. Angela is bvery anxious to get back to Austria and see her family whom she has not seen in a couple of years and a half and so we only stayed a couple of days.
Went directly to Temple Bar and had a few pints of the Black Stuff. If you have ever been to Bourbon Street in New Orleans that is what Temple bar is like but a little bit more spread out. Bars (Pubs is what they call them here) everywhere playing live traditional irish music and lots of over priced restaurants serving all the traditional Irish favorite foods. Heard a few excellent irish bands and listend to some Jigs Reels and Hornpipes as well as some of the saddest ballads you ever heard which somehow sound joyful after a couple 0' points of Guinness Stout (Known locally as the black stuff)or Kilkenny Ale which is equally psychedelic...
Strolled around the city looking at the architecture drinking! eating fish and chips and drinking! and visited the Guiness brewery and drinking! and hanging out by the 'Ha penny bridge and drinking! and looking at Dublin Castle and drinking! and... Woke up way late the next day all jet lagged and hungover and almost missed our free Irish brekky of beans eggs bacon (the Irish make the best bacon in the world its like a cured pork loin sliced paper thin and cooked crisp) bangers potatoes ('Tis true me lads they do love the po-tay-tees) scones soda bread and lots of good black irish breakfast tea.
Took the D.A.R.T. train to Howth and hiked along the sea cliffs and drank tea in the village and looked at the boats in the marina and before you could say Jiminy Cricket it was time to get our Ryan Air cheap-as-cheap-can-be flight to Salzburg Austria.I dont get it. It is the same planes same service and same everything but a fraction of the cost of the other airlines. As long as it is still there I will fly Ryan Air!!
Got met at the airport by Claus who is brother=in-law to Angela and have been here at Angelas sisters house about 30km from Salzberg ever since. Now our third day. Clause and gerlinda and the kids left today for a 10 day holiday and we have the place to ourselves. I will be in Austria for a while. Gonna catch up with my homey Mozart and just sit and listen for a while. Pretzels here are the best in the world. its like a national obsession. More on this later!!!
"Dont tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled"...Unknown...copied off wall in bigfoot hostel Leone Nicaragua
Peace out to you all,
Rambling Robert


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