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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday in Buenos Aires

I am really enjoying the wonderful city of Buenos Aires. The weather is hot and fair. The people are friendly and warm and the sounds of music and the smells of Parillas (Bar b Ques) are everywhere.
Today is market day in San Telmo. San Telmo is the old part of the city and there are nice little cobblestone streets and little shops and many cantinas and of course Parilla Restaurantes. There are every type of street entertainers, Puppeteers, Tango dancers, Musicians. Today I went out strolling with an Israeli Man I met in my hostel. We went to the Sunday outdoor market and looked at beautiful antiques and art. We stopped and listened to a little orchestra with 4 concertinas (squeeze boxes) and 5 violins a standup bass and a little acoustic piano. They played tango music. This place is magic.The food and drinks here are very cheap;and very good.
The national meal is called Paradilla and it is a platter of barbqued meats cooked over a wood grill.
Every Friday Saturday and Sunday here for all of February they celebrate carnival with marching bands and dancers in gaily colored costumes who shoot this shaving cream like stuff at everyone. They play lots of drums and whistels and also other instuments and they dance like madmen. It is so cool and so...so...I dunno, happy. In San Luis Obispo California they would have called out the Army to squelch such a good time!! So I watched the parade for a while and then ducked into a Parilla and had the Parillada for uno persona.
I swear they served me at least a kilo of meat!! It cost 9 pesos which is $3.00American and it was enough meat for 3 people. I tried my best but was only able to eat a fraction of it. Sausage, a huge steak and a BIG peice of pork, cooked beef heart,kidney, Chitterlings, and some other stuff like liver and I am not sure what all else. I tasted everything. I am not even sure what all it was, but it all tasted good.
Yesterday I went to the barrio in town where the poor people live. It is called Boca.They say it is safe in the daytime but dangerous at night. In the daytime there is a part of the neighborhood (un parte del barrio) with all these old wood buildings painted pink and red and blue and orange and yellow and green it is just beautiful and all these art studios with beautiful statues and paintings and jewelry and clothing and posters and you name it!! Lots of little outdoor cafes serving wine and cerveza and Bread and cheese and empanadas and Pastas. About half the Argentine people are of Italian desent. So lots of pasta and Piza places here.
I was there with 2 people from Spain and a guy from Israel. We strolled around and watched the people dance the tango in the streets and gave them coins. The tango is one very sexy dance. It is huge here.
Everyone should come to Buenos Aires at least once in their life. This is surely one of the great citys of the western hemisphere. Beautiful exotic erotic and just plain fun all at the cost of Southeast Asia.
I have a ticket to go to the Argentino Ballet tonite and see a new ballet. I am told it is very spectacular with great music and dancing, The cheap seats (where I sit) cost 15 pesos ($5.00American)
Taca airlines was supposed to have returned my lost bag yesterday between 12 and 3 in the afternoon but they never showed and never called and the offices are closed for the weekend. What an unprofessional bunch of creepy putas! Amatuers!! These creeps are beginning to get under my skin. When I get my stuff back from them I will go to Iguazu waterfalls. It is on the Argentina Brazil border an 18 hour bus ride from here, One of the great natural sights in the world. Supposedly 4 times bigger than Niagra falls on the Canada USA border.I am having too good a time to write anymore today. So... Until next time I remain
Rambling Robert the traveling Gringo


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