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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Tough day of Travel

It is 2-17-05 and I am now in Buenos Aires Argentina.
After the travel day from Hell.
I left Oakland California airport at 5pm on the 15th and flew to Los Angeles, where I endured a 4 hour layover, before getting on an airplane to San Salvador in El Salvador, where I endured a 5 hour layover before getting on a plane to San Jose Costa Rica and then onto another plane for Lima Peru and then onto another plane for Buenos Aires. I arrive here at 3 in the morning and discover that the airlines (I traveled on 3 United, Taca and Lacsa) can not find my backpack. Oh great. So I am now waiting while the 3 airlines blame one another and hopefully will get my pack back sometime today or tonight.
I am totally jetlagged. There is a 4 hour time difference here from California where I had been for the last 2 weeks. 1pm in California is 5pm in Buenos Aires.
I arrive and fill out lost luggage reports for an hour and then take a taxi to town, too weird to try to negotiate busses and find my way around at 4 in the morning, so I have the cab take me to a hostel that I had emailed to reserve me a bed. They got my email but didnt email me back because they had no vacancies...Duhh. But the night recepotionist was cool enough to call another hostel a couple of hundred meters away and now I am staying there. It is a nice hostel called MANDINGO which is in the San Telmo section of Buenos Aires. This is the old section. Lots of cobblestone streets and parks. My hostel costs 18 Pesos per night (about 6 US dollars ) and it includes a free breakfast (of sorts) and free internet.
I am sharing my room with a man from Germany and a man from Spain. The hostel has a pretty nice kitchen for the guests to use so I cant complain. The people here are real nice and they have been calling the airport for me for free to try to help me get my backpack back. I sure hope I am successful in this endeavor. I hate shopping and I will have to shop all over town to replace my stuff if the airlines cant find it.
Weather is beautiful blue cloudless skies and hot but not too hot about 85 degreesF or about 29 degrees C I wish I had my shorts and sandals to wear. I got about 3 hours sleep on the planes and about 3 hours in my room before some stupid dog started barking and woke all of us up. I had some coffee and bread and Dulce de leche ( a kind of caramel spread) for breakfast and went to a nice park for a little walking meditation and then back to the hostel for a nap and then some more walking and now a little blog posting. Gotta go now it is time to call the airport again. more from me tomorrow. Adios amigos.
Rambling Robert


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