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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sacramento California 2-15-05

Sacramento California 2-15-05
Hello Everyone,
I am all packed and ready to go to south America this evening. I fly from Oakland to Los Angeles and I leave Los Angeles at 11:30 at night on Feb 15 and arrive at 3:15 in the morning on 2-17 In Buenos Aires Argentina. I am sitting throught the sweet pre flight anxiety that one always seems to have when one is preparing to leave their home country and travel abroad.I had a great time on Californias central coast with some excellent high lights. It was interesting to see many of my old friends and to watch the Superbowl which is the championship match for American Gridiron Football. I used to be a big fan of this game but have not foolowed it much in 2003 and 2004. I think I like watching rugby or Football(soccer) better now. I just simply dont watch much television or movies at all anymore.I guess as real life becomes more fun and interesting and fulfilling, Fake hollywood bullshit becomes less appealing.It was great to see my friends. I miss my friends and loved ones in California much more than I miss California itself. It is a beautiful place but America has changed and it is not the Paradise of Liberty and Freedom that it once was.
The truth is i will be glad to be out of this country. Not that I wont be back, but it is nice to leave.
I was treated to a fantastic Gourmet dinner with my old Gourmet club. During the most gorgeous central coast sunset of bright reds pinks purples and oranges over the crashing pacific waves in Pismo Beach.
We drank four bottles of 1995 Vintage Champagnes. A Piper Heidsick and 2 Roederer Crystals and another wine i was unfamiliar with and do not remember the name. These were served with canapes of cold smoked salmon, wasabe creme fraiche, and Russian Caviar. Followed up with Fresh Asparagus wrapped in Proscuiutto.We tried 5 most excellent California Cabernet Sauvignon wines vintages from 1994 to 1997. With a Beaulieu Vineyards 1996 Rutherford and a magnum of 1994 Etude being the two standouts and a Beautiful Schafer 1995 Stags Leap district also showing very well. Served with Roasted Beef tenderloin with Fond de Veau and a lovely array of Steamed Vegetables with a nice yogurt garlic sauce on them. Dessert was chocolate truffles with chocolate and Port wine sauce and a warm chocolate Crepe with Vanilla Haagen Dazs. This served with the wine of the night, boys and girls, a Magnificent 1913 Malavasia Madiera, that was in perfect condition and a delightful after dinner drink as one would expect. (This wine has now set my new personal record for the oldest wine i have tried replacing a 1918 Sigalas Rabaud Sautern that I enjoyed in 1985 in Boulder Colorado at the Boderado Hotel, courtesy of the Boulder Rare Wine Club.)
The meal was ALMOST as good as the company of wonderful old friends who love nothing more than an evening of Philosophical discussions and fine Wine and Dining.I also got to sit in on a couple of Poker games of which I used to be a regular player winning a few dollars in Morro Bay and losing a few in San Luis Obispo. I sure miss the clink of chips in sweet-smoke filled rooms with the groans of the losers and the smiles of the winners and the laughter of all.I cant believe I lost a hand with a tens up full house to a jacks up full house. Aye chingaso!
I even earned a few hundred dollars painting a fence gate in Paso Robles for a dear friend. Had a couple of Espressos with my ace amigo Howard and Jaye as we watched Humming birds in their back yard, and talked about my travels and the recently past American Presidential election.I got my stuff out of Storage in Paso Robles and moved it to my former home in Sonoma about 300 miles north and it is now in the custody of my life long friend Morty and his family.
Morty and I went to this little organic bakery and had green tea and cinamon rolls like we do whenever I visit. He always asks what i Want to do and I always say lets go to the "Birkenstock bakery for hippy bread". Ate a lot of healthy foods BRV`s (Brown Rice and Veggies) in California and had a nice thick Juicy American Steak with Mom and Dad in Florida.
For all I dont like about America I still have to say that I do love America. Its like a beautiful kid who acts a buffoon in class, you love him still, but wish the creep would learn thow to act.
I will e-mail you all soon when I get to Argentina.Please visit my new websightwww.robertstravels.blogspot.com
If you click on an advertiser i get some $$$ so go on and do it!!
Peace out to all of you,
Nothing but Love,
Rambling Robert


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