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Saturday, February 19, 2005

A day in Buenos Aires

Nice relaxing day in BA
I met up with a nice couple from Cordoba Spain and a nice girl from Chile and we all went off to the Plaza Mejor. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the plaza is where the Senate and Congress are. There is a large field with trees and statues and etc and all the people who wish to peacefully assemble and protest can come here and demonstrate. There were no demonstrators yesterday which is good because I dont go to demonstrations in Foreign countries. I think its a good way for travelers to get in big trouble. Besides I never heard of anyone getting in trouble for minding their own business!
After there we went to the Japanese gardens and they were beautiful and tranquil.It was a very nice day, I made some good friends.
Later that aftearnoon Jose(the man from Cordoba) and I went to the airline office and they gave me some money to cover my inconvenience at not having my backpack and they promised it would be deliverd to my hostel today in the afternoon. I have my fingers crossed.
Jose and I are going to go to see the Local Buenos Aires futbol team play another city today. Should be a good time. Futbol is what they call soccer down here.
I had a great time in America but I sure am glad to be traveling again. I woke up this morning looked at the ceiling of my room and thought UUhhh Argentina. Cool I know where I am!!
In the plaza there was a huge banyon tree, and I thought of Buddha and how he sat beneath a tree (the bodhi tree) and was prepared to starve to death or achieve enlightenment whichever came first and he was at last enlightened. I think the tree finally understood him when his silence was as deep as the trees was and in that instant,He understood the knowlege that the tree and he were one and the tree was showing him the way to quiet and peaceful meditation.
I picture the banyon tree in the plaza as a wise old buddha just sitting quietly, reaching upward to the heavens and meditating and observing for hundreds of years.The tree watches all the protesters and smiles, birds nest in her branches and she smiles and the wind blows her leaves and she smiles. The tree knows. And maybe I am beginning to know too.
Rambling Robert


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