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Sunday, October 10, 2004


Hi everyone,
I am in Sarajevo which is in bosnia Herzegovina which used to be Yugoslavia. I am on my way to Crotia first to the city called Split and then to a few islands and then to Dubrovnic All along the adriatic sea. from there the plan is to head quickly and quietly accross Albania to the West coast of Greece particularly the island of Corfu and then to the east coast of greece and some islands there and then to Turkey to hole up for 3 or 4 weeks.
Since my last update I was in Austria but didnt like the vibes so spit right away. and went to Bratislava which is a fine old city in Slovakia Checked out the museums and the ancient ruins at Devin. It is an old castle originally fortified by the Romans in like 200AD but it has been a settlement since 5000BC The ruins are fascinating and provide a good glimpse of life in ancient times. The view on the top is where the Danube river and the Mora river meet. Very spectacular. it was really great. Bratislava is a most excellent town. Lots of fun daytime and night time. People are mainly nice and cool but a few jerks tend to ruin the experience if you let them.
From Bratislava I went to Budapest Hyngary and stayed for 3 days.What a gorgeous old city. I went to the centuries old turkish baths and had a good soak steam and sauna. I went to the opera housse which is too beautiful to describe. It is 125 years old and architecturally and acousticly the only word that comes to mind is SPLENDID. We got tickets and enjoyed a wonderful performance of Puccinis La Boheme. Sipped lovely sweet tokay wine at the intermission and went back to the hostel and drank some good Hungarian beers.Saint Stephens Basilica was the most beautiful religuous building I have yet seen in Europe. Also went to the museum of art for a good long stroll and checked out the paintings and sculptures.
From there went to the smaller Hungarian city of Pecs pronounced paich and didnt stay very long but it was a nice city too bad it was one asshole after another that we met for the first 2 hours so we just said who needs this and bought a train ticket for Sarajevo oh yeah got ripped off by a very nice woman selling train tickets Charged us 9000 for an 8200 forint ticket and so it goes. Then we walked around and met some nice Hungarians and they appologized for their countrymans behavior but it was like too late ya know. To hell with it.
It is confusing why some peoople just love to be mean and rude to travelers and strangers. Even in USA you hear people cussing out the damned tourists. Very strange. Feeble minded folks run the world the more stupid the more powerful, it sometimes seems. Getting all kinds of political discussions over the American elections and foreign policy. Hard to believe sometimes how unpopular my country has become.
Lots of evidence of mans inhumanity to man here in Sarajevo. still almost half the buildings are war damaged. Taking a walking tour tomorrow and then off to the adriatic and check out some beaches and listen to the waves crash and dance to the sounds of the sea like Zorba used to do. I cant wait. I am all cultured out. Well folks that is all for now. I am pretty tired as we were on a night train that left Pech at 8>45 and got here to Sarajevo at 6>30am got woken 4 times for customs searches and passport controls and twice for ticket checks.
I have been traveling witn a nice american man named Nick for the last 8 days. We plan to go to Turkey together. It is good to have a friend sometimes.


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