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Thursday, September 09, 2004


Bon Jour Mon Amis,
Well if you have not guessed, I am in France, Precisely I am in Paris.
I have been in France for a week now. I first arrived by a ferry boat out of Dover Englqnd and qrrived in the port city of Calais. I stqyed thqt night in the neqrby town of Bologne-sur-Mer in Normqndie. I hqd q pretty rough time there...Got drenched in a rain down pour, tried to get a train out of town and was wrongly told the trains were on strike (well they were but only the local lines which did not effect me) Finally got q ticket to the wrong city ie Mont St Michel when I wanted to go to St Michel -sur-Greve q rude creep of a ticket salesman wouldnt take my travelers check and pretended not to speak english until I cussed him out.
Finally got to St Michel and was greeteed by my friend Yvonik with A kiss on each cheek at the train station. It sure was great to be greeted by a friend after the grumpy old man with shit in his pants that sold me the wrong tix. So I stayed with Yvonik and his partner Jean Max for 3 nights. They were perfect hosts and I had a great time. Yvonik dropped me at the train station in Morlaix and I went to Quimper another city in Brittany. It was as beautiful as the other two maybe even more so. I had a terrific time there and ate a lot of crepes which the region is famous for as well as some fine Brittany cheeses and visited a number of Charcuteries and Boulangeries and generally made picnics every afternoon in the many beautiful town squares and parks.
I havent been drinking too much wine since I left New Zealandm but now I am in France and of course that has changed! They have loads and loads of really excellent cheap wine in all the surpermarkets a large selection of maybe 40 types of red french wines for under 6 euros.
I am in Paris as I write this letter. I have been here for 3 days. it is as beautiful and wonderful as peoople have always told me it was. I cant say enought about it its truly the city of light. I went to Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, Museum Orsay,Eifel tower,arc de triomphem, the opera house and the Alexander the 3rd Bridge and walked all over the Champs d elyse and the surrounding area saw the Presidential palace and waved to Jacques Chirac but he did not wave back. I can see the eifel tower from my room window. At night it has a huge light Beacon that goes in circles. The city is just too beautiful and wonderful for words. I really mean it.
Tomorrow I go to Brussels Belguim and from there to Brugges and then to Ghent and then to Netherlands probably to the Hague first and then to Utricht and Amsterdam before heading to Krakow Poland.
I hope everyone is okee dokee back home and I hope that any of you who have never been to Paris reconsider, because it is one of my all time favorite cities now.
Au Revoir,
Le Vouyager du Monde


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