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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Hi Everyone,
Greetings from England. I am in London as I write this letter, I have been in England for about 6 nights and 5 days so far. I arrived and was met at Stanfeld airport by my old traveling mate Darren and we drove to his house in Kettering Northhamptonshire. I stayed there for 3 days. What a great time I had there!!
Darren lives in a nice old Victorian kind of house with his girlfriend and her two teenage daughters.
The first day there we cruised all around Northhampshire and visited an old airforce World war two base and went to a "proper" English pub where I tried 6 kinds of "Bitters" which are like beer but the bubbles are much smaller, the head creamier and they serve them at about cellar temperature instead of real cold. They are not really that bitter tasting. They taste good. After the barmaid let me taste all of them I picked one out and had a pint. Darren was drinking cider and I tried that too. It was okay but I liked the bitters better. Then we took off to a little cottage that was an oldfashion tea house. Totally cool. English People put milk in their tea. The quantity of milk is called a spot. so you ask for a spot of milk . Okay I`m learning...
For dinner I had to have Fish and Chips it being my first night in town I have to try Englands most famous dish. I had a fish called plaice. I had never before had this. The funny thing is that when I was in Chef school I wrote a report on Flat fish and Knew all about the fish but it was the first time I tried it because it is largely unavailable outside England. It is similar to sole or flounder, it was totally tasty. these guys plut everything in a batter, and deep fry it, I think I must have ingested a pint of oil with my meal. I am really not used to fried foods anymore. I also tried another english specialty called Mushy Peas. Now yer talking. These are fresh green peas that are mashed its kind of like eating split pea soup with a fork. I liked this item.
Next day we had a couple of parties to go to, and I was thoroughly entertained and amused. Helen`s (Darrens girlfriend) two daughters have a birthday that is only a couple of weeks apart so they had a combined birthday party with about 30 teenagers and 8 adults. Helens mother catered it with homemade pizzas and sausage rolls (like pigs in a blanket but much better) and lots of cakes and other little snacky stuff.
They turned the place into a disco and everybody was dancing and having a good time drinking bitters and cider and well you know... Simultaneously half a block away there is a wedding going on that Darren is also invited to. So he and I split the one party and go to the other. More Dancing, singing, (kareoke has taken over the world. Why is it that the worst singers always get a snoot full and decide to try to sing? This totally fat dude is singing an old Karen Carpenter song. Which is kind of weird because she died of anorexia and this guy is 300 pounds). Well only one thing to do. More Bitters and more cider and then we hit the buffet, wished the newly weds good luck and took off for a "pisshouse" and had a few more drinks with the local boozers who were out in force because it is Saturday Night.
Darren says that the local boys love to drink themselves stupid and then beat each other up. We stayed for the first part and split before the fighting started and went back to the first party and had a couple more pints.
Party is over and we head back to Darren and Helens where there are about 20 teenagers raging all around the house, and so it goes and they all wound up crashing there.
I love England.
Next Day we pick up Darrens little totally cute 5 year old daughter and go to an ancient castle that is about 900 years old. We go all around it and check out the beautiful manicured rose garden and this ancient graveyard and find a little tea shop there and have tea and go to The house again and gather up party leftovers and go to a park at the end of the street and have a picnic There is a free Jazz concert in the rotunda and we just chill out and drink wine and listen to tunes and So goes my visit. Just too good. I love being in a little English town.
So next day I take a bus to London and hook up 2 with other old traveling friends Holly and Bex. We see the sights of London, Westminster Abby, the tower of London, the tower Bridge, Trafalgar square, Coventy Garden and eat Cornish Pastys, We pass some place in town where the government hanged 100,000 people over 500 years, I asked if I could get a ticket to see the public hanging but they apparently stopped doing that.
I asked why they stopped the public hangings but no one really knew. I think it is because it would screw up the BBCs ratings if everyone went to the hanging.
Last night we went to Ronnie Scotts. A very famous Jazz night club and paid 15 pound cover charge ($30.00). And heard two awsome bands. totally worth the money. A very talented English band with a singer named Gwineth Something and then a very HOT HOT American band with a KILLER trumpet player named Stanley Something, who is a young guy but a Miles Davis protege.
I love England.
That is all for now. I will go to France next week or maybe in just about 3 or 4 days because this place is great but it is a money vaccuum. Even though I have not paid a penny to sleep anywhere and my friends are all feeding me and wont let me pay for anything, I am still spending lots of dollars.
Good old George W. is not doing the dollar any good. American money is weak in Europe right now and I am feeling the pinch . Still this is great and I am loving every minute of it. English peopole sure know how to have a good time and If you are lucky enough to have some as your friends you are truly lucky because they are truly great friends!!
Well I am outta here, I am having too much fun to stay and write anymore.
Peace out to all of you.


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