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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Hi Everyone,
I am in a small Danish city called Anhus.I have spent all day today on a ferry boat and on a couple of trains to get here.I awoke this morning on the wonderful Danish island of Bornsholm in the Baltic Sea. I was there for two days and two nights after spending 5 days and 6 nights in Copenhagen.
I stayed in a house with two Servas friends named Britta and Erik and their fox terrier named Napoleon.We went out in Eriks boat in the Baltaic and cruised around for a couple of hours, weather was good for sailing but too windy for fishing. The water is beautiful and at this time of year and you can jump in for a quick swim. The water is not so salty as it was in Thailand or in Asia but I am always glad to say that I dipped my tootsy in another body of water somwhere in the world!
We went to the ruins of humshut castle on Bornsholm too. This castle was built about 900 years ago and is the oldest castel ruins in Europe. There is a lot of history in Denmark.
The people eat a lot of fish here and a wonderful earthy brown bread with losts of corn meal and seeds mixed into it. It seems to be a kind of rye wheat and it tastes great. They make these little open top sandwichs with excellent Danish butter and smoked herring or mackerel or cured salmon and cucumber or beet root slices and sprigs of dill. There are also a lot of other types. I ate a few of these. They were most excellent(i love beets and I love smoked fish) Needless to say the Danish pastries are incredibly wonderful and so are the breads in all the bakeries. They have a lot of bakeries in Europe and in USA there are not so many so I really like to go to the bake shops while I am here. In the USA we have more gun shops than bakeries in fact.
They love a good drink around these parts too. The drinking age is 15 and the national beers are just F-I-N-E fine!! Tuborg and Carlsburg are most popular but lots of little breweries with names I cant pronounce and dont remember anyway. They also drink a drink called acquvit which I also partook of in Sweden. It is a caraway flavor schnapps. Pretty damned good with a little ice but the locals prefer to shoot it neat.Then there is Gamel dansk. The locals drink this stuff, I dont know why. It is some kind of brandy I believe it is made from pigs dung, but it could be any kind of manure. Whew. I tried but I thought to myself, "Child...whats the point?" and just had another Carlsburg.
Copenhagen is just as cool and wonderful as you can imagine it to be. The oldest amusement park in the world (Tivoly) is here. They have free fireworks on Wednesday and Saturday at about midnight. Lovely ancient cobblestone streets and ancient churches and palaces and ... Its just too cool.
I was lucky enough to be in Copenhagen town last Friday night when the royal danish orchestra puts on its anual free concert in Sonndenmark Park in Fredericksburg a southern part of Copenhagen. They preview the coming opera season. I love opera and they played 13 pieces on the lawn in a big sound stage with a big huge TV screen so any where you sat you could see okay. They had speakers everywhere so the sound was good. There were about 15,000 people there!!!
What a totally cool event. I tell you guys I am the worlds luckiest kid. Pucini, Vivaldi,Handel Wagner I was just lovin it.Big orange balloons being hit by the crowds all over the place... Ah to be in Copenhagen in the summer on a warm cloudless night with a 90 piece orchestra...
The police have occupied Christiania for the last 3 months forcing the outdoor hashish market underground. Still lots of hippies there and they report the cops are already starting to loosen up a little and they think things will someday return to "Normal" in the "free city". Just as well as I would have been tempted to burn a gram or two if it was still free... The only negative thing to say about Denmark (other than my train having a little breakdown today) is that it is currently very expensive for Americans with only 6.3 croners to the dollar a cup of coffee is 3 or 4 bucks and a burger and fries is 12. Good thing I dont eat burgers and fries but you know what I mean.
Tomorrow I fly to London England (also expensive, or at least that is what they tell me)where my Fiji buddy Darren will meet me at the airport and let me crash with him and his girlfriend for a few days. I will also visit Gabby, Breda, Holly and Bex while in and around London town so this promises to be a highlight of my journey. Tonight I will go out to hear a hot Jazz band and drink a couple of Danish beers and an aquivit and maybe a little herring, Tomorrow I shall dine on fish and chips. Tell prince Harry I tried to get him some hash but the Danish prime minister is in George W's hip pocket and ...
Until we meet again,


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