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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Czech Republic

Hi everyone,
I am in Czech Republic. A lovely mideival city called Ceski Krumlov. I just got back from a little morning stroll through the ancient cobblestone streets and over to the castel where I climbed the steps to the top of the tower and looked out over the whold city. They have an ancient moat around the castel and they keep a couple ;of very large brown bears there. They were just sleeping so...I stayed here last night and probably will again for 2 more nights. I am in a cool little hippy hostel called hostel 99 and it only costs 12 dollars per night. The local beer is called Eggenberg and it is quite okay. it is a llittle dark and bitter but very good. We are only 20 minutes or so by bus from Cesky budjovice which is where the real Czeck Budvar or Budweiser is made. Now that kids, is a fine brew. I think it is my favorite that I have tried here so far. The Pilsner Urquell is also good and very famous but I like the budvar. The beer here is much higher in Alcohol than in USA or even in most of Europe it is about 6 to 10 percent. Most of the breweries make two strengths with the higher alcohol being more expensive...Go figure.
So for two days before here I was in Praha which we call Prague the capital of Czech. It is an absolutely beautiful city. Totally exquisite in its architecture and cultural stuff is very fine indeed.I went out with a group of people I met in a hostel there. 2 Brazilians, An Ozzie woman, a french Canadian myself and one other American.
We go out to a Jazz night club called Unguent Jazz Bar. There is supposedly no cover charge, the music starts at 8 oclock and the band is supposed to be an electric guitar electric bass and drummer and a vibes player. Okay so off we go with visions of Lionel Hampton and Milt Jackson in my head and The music doesnt start until 930 the band has an electic keyboards player instead of vibes and there is no cover IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE ROOM WITH THE MUSIC!!
What bull oney. So we stay for one set of this un inspired plugged in Blues band and I drink 4 Vincent Van Gogh cocktails (absinthe and soda) and we split the scene and go to another bar called ...Marquis De Sade.
Okay Okay I know but how could i resist?They have a guy playing blues on a hollow body electric guitar and I am having a good time. It is 2 in the morning and I am on the sidewalk with 2 english girls dressed in Leather(them not me) smoking a hash and tobacco cigarett after 2 more absinth and sodas and finally me and one of the Brazillian guys call it quits and get home at about 330 in the morning.Busted my budget but what the wah hay Prague is a good time, I am here to testify.
Night before that I am in a GREAT town called Olomouc. it is very small used to be the capital of Moravia in ancient times and there are 4 cathedral and like 8 beautiful fountains in the main square. I am mainly just hanging out and people watching sipping espresso and eating dumplings, Hit the museum you know the ordinary stuff but in a most extradordinary place. I stay in a small hostel called Poets corner very nice except it is a 4 story walk up!! Aye Chingaso. 106 steps, yes I counted them.Only three staff memebers but one of them is (or I should say used to be )Doogie Houser. Yes now I know where old child TV actors go when their sit-com is cancelled. He is a cool guy and he still looks the same and sounds the same but he is much taqller. The Highlight of my stay here was seeing a pro hockey game. It only cost 40ck to get in and 17ck for a liter of beer, so for about 2 dollars a fine evenings entertainment was had.
I am getting outta here now too nice a day to type any longer.
You will hear from me soon.
Love to all of you


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