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Friday, September 10, 2004

Belgium and Amsterdam

Hi Everyone,
I have just left Belgium and I an now in Amsterdam. Belguim was superb .Not as expensive as some of the other European Countries I went to Brussels and Brugge.
I just cant say how unbelievably beautiful Brugge is.I had never heard of the place until my buddy Chan told me about it. It is a totally mid-evil city in its architecture and the cobblestone streets and the meandering canals.The Belgium peoople are famous for beer and I can now testify that they have a lot to be proud of. I sample a good bit of the cuisine, and They seem to be excellent cooks.
Brugge is also famous for its lace industry and little lace shops and it is the home of the famous statue by Rodin called "the thinker". A very impressive piece of work. They have all these tiny little boutique chocolate shops there the Belgians just love good chocolate.
These folks are very freindly and it is easy to communicate. I would definately recommend Brugge as a place to travel too to anyone who has never been there
So now I am in Amsterdam. What can I say... some kids never grow up huh? I was here in 1999 and had such a good time I decided to come back and have a stop at my favorite coffee shop and maybe do some window shopping. I am staying at the Bulldog Hotel.
I will say more in the next update,
Until then Adios,


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