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Monday, July 05, 2010

travelupdate from Ecuador

Saludos a todos,
Well, you know how i normally end these updates with a quote? O.K. this time I will start with one!
"the only journeys i regret are the ones I did not take" Tony Davis. Well in my opinion there have never been more truthful words spoken or written!!
Tony is a guy I met two years ago in Quito. An american who has been on the road for about 40 years. We travelled toggether for about 3 weeks in north ecuador and south Colombia. I met him here in Vilcabamba on May 8, he told me he was here because I recommended the place, although I dont remember if I did or not, I probably did!!
To his quote i will add one by me, myself, Rambling Robert live and in person..."The older you get the harder it is to travel", dont put off your travels until you are older thinking it will be easier "someday" it doesnt get easier, my friends. If you think it will be hard now, well, I suggest you start immediately, because in 5 years you will really think it is impossible!
I try very hard to avoid watchng the news ( well any TV really) but lately I am unable to not hear stories from the world of men. (I am a pixie, and therefore some of the things I observe human beings doing puzzels and alarms me) So I hear you ser humanos (human beings) seem to have some kind of sticky gooey mess in the gulf of mexico going on. Don´t Happy, be worry! I am sure it will be okay. The guvvamint will fix it. The thing that is most amazing to me is that our hopes are resting with two organizations to remedy this environmental disaster 1) British Petroleum or Big Oil Companies who have a combined worst environmental record in human history and 2) the guvvamint of the USA which is the number one industrial polluter on the planet. In fact if you take the emisssions of the next 4 top polluters and add them up The USA is still contributing more green house gasses and other toxic waste products than the other 4 combined!! These are the two organizations we are expecting to solve this crisis...Hee Hee Hee I mean you just have to laugh!!
So what is really going on in the gulf of Mexico?? Well I sure dont know! but...the one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that what ever BP says about the environment and their concern for Nature is a lie and that the guvvamint of the USA never says anything that is true. The main message really seems to be as follows (as incredible as it may be.)
Whatever you all do, dont panic and start using less energy. Dont conserve! turn up your air conditioner!! I am sure it will be okay as long as we dont interfere with the BP. They care about you and love you. They will have all this cleaned up in a jiffy if the liberals just leave them alone. you can trust the Environmental Protection Agency to protect your environment as long as you dont go and try to conserve energy. ("They should call it the corportation protection agency"-Arnold Schwartzenegger)
From here in Pixie land the answer is simple. WE the humanity, must stop using powers that are not naturally ours. We must stop using electricity. Power tools, air conditioners Jet Airliners. These are all the things that put us mentally, in a false time scale, a false sense of our relative time. Human beings are not meant to be able to fly across the Atlantic in 6 hours. Screws up nature. We are not meant to change the temperature of our bedroom to something cooler or warmer than nature dictates for the moment. Screws up nature. We are not meant to raise enormous cities in a decade when without powere tools it would take a century. screws up nature. So I am become an advocate of the ¨Cockroach Cure¨
I have learned to stop worrying about this silly shit. I dont mind (personally) if Iran does get a bunch of Hydrogen bombs...Why not?? We have them, Israel has them, Pakistan, North Korea Unite Kingdom... they dont seem any more irresponsible to me than any of these other countries. Israel is worried because they say that Iran doesnt want Israel to exist...Well Iran is worried because they say Israel doesnt want Palestine to exist! Why not bomb one another to smithereens and get it over with?! This way the world will be rid of the two biggest trouble makers!!
Why not let the oil spill? Why try to stop it? Personally, I am kind of cheering for the cockroaches (and the Lakers of course). No seriously, listen to this... When we kill ourselves off, either through nuclear proliferation or oil energy uncontrolled greed, when we are all dead, the cockroaches will take over and run the earth, well, i think within 50 years the earth is gonna be in MUCH MUCH better condition with cockroach rulers than with humans.
The humans if left in control will totally destroy this planet in 50 years. There will be greasy oil slicks everywhere. there will be every dirt road primitive illiterate backwater country in the known world armed to their loincloths with nuclear missiles!!! But if los cucarachas are running the show, the world will be clean and green once again. The sky scrapers will crumble, the highways will be overgrown, the towns will be jungles again. The planet will be a safe clean healthy place for pixies...
Its just that I am part of the earth, and if this is so,(and I think it is so) than what is good for the earth is good for me. I think human domination of the planet is the worst thing that has ever happened to our lovely green planet. I swear I am gonna vote for the first republican I see!! Or the first democrat, whoever has the most corporate backing is the candidate I will endorse!
I am accepted to attend a 10 day silent vipassana meditation retreat in Cuenca Ecuador on 3 August. I have been doing a lot of Gurdjieff exercises lately and also going to 5 or 6 one hour meditation classes per week, here at Vilcabamba Meditation Center with Bernie Uhe as my teacher. I am loving my life. I am sort of combining my buddhist meditation practice with my Gurdjieff/Ouspensky 4th way practice.

"ON October 29, 1949, at the American Hospital in Paris died a Caucasian Greek named Georgy Ivanovitch Gurdjieff. A few nights later at Cooper Union, New York, a medal was presented to the revolutionary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. After his part in the ceremony was over, Wright asked the chairman's permission to make an announcement. "The greatest man in the world," he said, "has recently died. His name was Gurdjieff." Few, if any, in Wright's audience had ever heard the name before, which is quite understandable; Gurdjieff avoided reporters and managed most of the time to keep out of the media of publicity." http://www.gurdjieff.org/munson1.htm

I am getting older but I am also getting better. I am seeing things in a new light and I am beginning to feel almost every day the changes taking place in myself that I have worked so hard to bring about for so long. All I can say is if you are practicing a system of enlightenment or awakening or evolution... and the progress is slow, dont be discouraged. Dont give up. If you want to practice but are too busy right now, cure yourself any way you can of the disease of tomorrow and begin immediately. There is a race going on and the cockroaches are gaining on us every minute...time is running out! If you want to travel the world do so befor it is too late, soon we will all be gone and the oportunitys one squanders will never be offered again.
So I am going ot go to Loja tomorrow to try to find some inserts for my shoes. It is about one hour from here by bus. Vilcabamba is such a small village that they dont actually have a propser shoe store. I have been having very bad pains in the bottom of my feet which I believe are the result of my arches not being supported and that my feet are becoming flat as I get older. I sure hope this remedies the problem.
My buddy Mike who lives here told me this old Native American Indian teaching story. The shaman tells the young warrior "there are two wolves who live in a mans heart, a good wolf and an evil wolf and the two are always fighting for the warriors soul" "Which wolf will win?" asks the warrior, and the shaman replies "The one who you feed will win." As it was so it will be.
Well thats all for now. Peace and love to all who read this.
RAmbling Roberto

"The number of laws is constantly growing in all countries and, owing to this, what is called crime is very often not a crime at all, for it contains no element of violence or harm." PD Ouspensky
"Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten." Siddhartha Buddha
"I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell." Harry Truman