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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Benaulim, Goa, India 2/8/007

CHIRP...CHIRP...chirp-chirp-chirp. Yahhzah thats the sound of a bird I reckon. Its in the palm trees outside my balcony. I hear her but I dont see her, And now I hear that rooster across the road going off with his Arooh Arooh Arrrooooohhh...but all I see is a littel chip monk...But wait!! it is the chip monk who is doing the chirping!! wow...
So, this is how my day is going. How are all of you? I am in Benaulim Beach now since 31-1-007. It is a small village in Goa India. It is in the south on the west coast along the Arabian Sea. People come here to relax and enjoy the good life here on the beach. It is 32 in the day and 22 in the night(so about 88F and 76F degrees) and not a cloud in the sky.

"I FORGET WHERE I AM AND I HAVE NO PLACE TO GO"-Arjuna from Bagavad Gita 11:25

Well thats me all over!! Goa is a great littel beach area. I am loving it. It is a lot more built up than Diu but still where I am there is nothing resembling a high rise hotel!! I mean not even...The beach is beautiful, perfect...Great soft sand, nice warm waters, not too salty. Waves too mellow for surfing but fun for playing.
Lots of Beach shacks line the edge of the sand. These are just littel shacks that serve food and beverages breakfast lunch and dinner and at night they have bands and fireworks and bonfires and the like. Beyond the shacks just coconut Palms and rice paddys...
My room is about a 15 minute walk from the beach in a quiet littel street with like ZERO traffic and lots of bird and animal noises. I have a really nice bathroom. I am paying 175 rupees(US$3.80) per night and I have a nice balcony and a large bed and I am digging it to the max and am planning to stay here for all of February.The place is called the Madonna Guest house. It is not pink.
I broke my rear molar and have an appointment next week to get a crown put on it. I found a woman dentist here in Benaulim I love woman Dentists.She says I dont need a root canal and it is gonna cost me about 2500 rupees for the whole deal (US$60.00). About an hour on Monday and then another hour on Friday. Gonna not hurt. She promises me.
So the last you all heard from me I was in Diu. Well I left there on 23-1-007 and spent 26 hours travelling by bus and overnight train to Udaipur. The Lake city.
Udaipur is FABULOUS. This is where the old James Bond movie "Octopussy"was filmed. I loved this city. Especially after Ahmadabad which really kind of sucked. So dirty and crowded. Udaipur is just Beautiful. Said to be the most romantic city in India. Whatever that means. I didnt get"any"...
but the city is centered around a huge man made lake where the Maharaja of Maharajastra used to live. He built this unbelievable White palace on an island in the lake. This is a couple or four hundred years ago. Today it is a heritage hotel and costs like $500.00 dollars a night for the room in the basement next to the boiler. But just looking at it all illuminated at night in the lake is like a fairy tale. I stayed in this city for a week visiting the very cool city palace museaum and the QUITE EXTRAORDINARY rose gardens and across the lake high on a steep hill top the lovely but alas abandoned monsoon palace.
I went up there in a rickshaw with cool travelling mates Franzy and Andre who I had met up with in Diu and now re-met up with again and we had a good tuk tuk driver and he stopped for us to get some cold brewskies and we drank them in the tuk tuk on the way up the hill and then on the top in the palace.Beautiful sunset vistas with tons of monkees playing in the trees and falcons and vultures soaring around the sides of the Palace and huge flocks of swallows and pigeons.
So while in Udaipur, I got a new copy of the Bhagavad Gita (the song of God) which is the cornerstone of all hindu mysticism and the heart of the Vedas or holy scriptures for all hindus. It is especially dear to Devotees of Krishna, Rama and Vishnu (aactually all the same god but in three different manifestations). I read the Gita in the 70s and then again just recently in Villcabamba Ecuador.
The strange thing is, I am truly getting a whole new meaning and awareness of this ancient epic. I am really getting quite taken in with it. More on this in following updates. I will try to keep you all posted a littel more often.

Here is a good quote to end with. I wonder what it means...

"The single most important thing that can be done to improve the world, is perhaps this — educate girls."-S.R. RAGUNATHAN

Peace and Love to all who read this