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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

travelupdate from Bucoo Bay Tobago

Greetings from Bucoo Bay, Tobago.

I arrived on Tobago about two weeks ago. I arrived on the ferry from Trinidad on march 8. I stayed here in bucoo bay for a week and then took off to Charlottesville for a week and now i am back in Buccoo Bay staying at Fish Tobago Guest House. Very excellent new place and as far as i can figure, the cheapest room on the whole island! I am paying 90tt which is $15 american. Hot shower, free internet, Good kitchen, clean and new, quiet and safe. Totally everything a middle age bodhisatva needs. the only problem is the TV which is a tough addiction to break. With it just being here, i want to look at it. televison, terrorvision is a better name. Non stop fear and loathing. Aye Zukes! Why is it so atractive??!

Tobago is the smaller of the two islands which make up the republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is less populated and less crowded (although neither one of the islands is what one would call crowded!). There are about 1.1 million people in this country total. Trinidad is the more lively and more visited island and has a much more active night life. Here is a quiet little place with lots of Rastafarians walking around and sitting in the shade like the sadus in India. This place is famous for fishing and scuba and snorkling, and hiding from the rest of the world. WOW! its a good place to hide!

I have been listening to the steel pan music every chance i get. the sounds of the steel drums are fascinating to me and the musicianship of the players is also great thing to watch. The most popular music format here is called Soca. it is a switched on island hip hop thing with strong reggae roots. Quite fun in the beginning but it can get boring and repetitious rather fast.

The nature is beautiful here. I have been sitting on my patio, i had a couple of cups of coffee one cup of tea and a morning smoke and sat watching early morning birds and butterflies. The owner has a little puppy called "smiley gold eye" and he alternates between attacking his tail, and trying to jump up and "kiss" a butterfly. roosters crowing and bugs buzzing. Blue skies green trees. At least 3 variety of dove hang around in my garden in the mornings. There are also some humming birds and some beautiful small yellow birds with a nice black and white strip over thier eyes, blue ones black ones green ones yellow ones so many birds in the garden.

by about 9 am there is too much stuff ging on and now I get my day going since the morning peace and stillnes is alas over for this day.

Today I will take a walk and try to remember my breath while i walk, read my Amy Tan book, swim in the caribean sea, make pasta for dinner, buy peanut butter. what else? What else? What else? Ah well...

That is enough. Enough is the new nirvana.This is enough= this is nirvana. Enough for me=nirvana for me.Yeah thats enough for one day!

So that is how i have been passing my time. I read a lot here.Doestoevsky. Bo Yin Ra. Saint Benedict...there is a benedictine monastery in Trinidad. I met a guy who wants to be a monk there. he has spent some time with the brothers. he gave me some literature. Very Interesting. I stayed at his familys guest house. We watched a DVD called: the Passion of Christ. A deeply disturbing film. Afterwards i told him i didnt want to look at any violent videos so after this we only looked at comedy (Chris Rock) and a Denzel Washington venture called The Great Debators. Very pleasant. like cold green tea with honey.

they sell pies in the streets some times. they usually cost about 1 USDollar and i like the potato ones. Here on Tobago it is harder to find any street food. In Scarboro I found a guy selling doubles and once in Charlottesville a guy was selling doubles out of his car. I love these. they are two small crepe/bread discs, topped with curried garbanzo beans (chana) and a couple of spicy sauces on top. way messy to eat but superb. they usually cost about 50 or 60 cents american. some lovely pastries here too, i really like the currant roll.

I stayed in Charlottesville in a little guest house called green corners. Right on the sea. Only two guest rooms. Run by a rasta woman called patsy Christmas. She is a candy maker during the day time. she makes her candies downstairs from the guestrooms. Wow what a wonderful smell all day!! I tried her coconut candy, her sesame balls, her current sweet cake, and her peanut pralines. She also makes candied mango slices and papaya.

My room cost 100tt per night and I had a great room with windows that opened onto the caribean sea and she had a wonderful kitchen for me to use as well. l love to fall asleep at night to the sound of the waves crashing onto the sea shore. so relaxing... just enough...

So i walked to Pirates Bay, which is a fabulously beautiful and slightly secluded beach just a kilometer walk over a hill from charlottesvill. Wonderful for swimming and quietly lying around in the sun or if you prefer in the shade. so the third or 4th time i went there There is always this rastaman selling soft drinks there and we chat a little. he waves to me and just then in a flash his friends 3 dogs go off on me and attack!! He and his friends all rush over and subdue the beasts but, I got my leg bit up a little. Freaky thing. I havent had any experiences like this since I was a child. the dog is a home dog and well taken care of and vaccinated so I just washed the wounds with white rum (nobody brings betadine to the beach anymore!!) And swam in the sea. later that night i put on my triple action medicated goo. Now i am fine. Except for a sore throat, high fever and occasional convulsions...(only kidding).

Well thats all folks! i am going off to fulfil my daily destiny. I hope this letter finds you all happy and in fine health! So now here are a couple of thoughts from people like ourselves...

Peace and love to all who read this

Rambling Robert

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul." Luther Burbank

"I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant and kindness from the unkind." Kahlil Gibran

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