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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

travel update from vilcabamba

Hola Amigos, I am here and now, in Ecuador S.A. In La Sagrado Huilcopampa (now called Vilcabamba). I am writing a travel update although the truth is I am not much of a traveler at this time. I have employed an attorney and will soon be an official resident of Ecuador and will be more or less staying here for the next couple of years Ojala (insh'Allah). Somehow, I have become a sort of partner in a management team with Estelita. We are basically running a guest house for an absentee Canadian owner. I am not 100% sure if this is my cup of Chai at all. It sort of, kind of, feels like, "working" a little. I think it is going to get better little by little. It is a very nice place if anyone ever comes out here I can rent you a room cheap! Hahh! Just Remember: " You have a friend in Ecuador" ! Seriously, I am still waiting for the Gov-vomit here to process my papers. It should be coming through soon, and since my application is accepted, my visa automatically extends till I am approved or denied. So when i get approved, i will have to go to Quito (12 or 14 hours in the bus), and register and be photographed in person to get my ID card which is called a "Censo" here. Mientras Tanto, I am baking my own bread in our kitchen, taking long walks every morning, teaching a couple of free meditation classes weekly, and generally leading a life of quiet contemplation, with a generous mixture of parties, and celebrations with old friends and conocidos nuevos. Mis Fiestas aren't as wild as the old days. Not so much boozin and druggin anymore. We had a nice Pot Luck (where everyone brings a dish of food to share) at the Vilcabamba Meditation Center, on May 6 the full moon, for Buddha's Birthday. We all lit incense sticks and sat quietly thinking of world peace and CJ stuck her Gong 49 times to represent the seven directions within the seven directions (the law of 7 vibrations). CJ has an absolutely amazing Gong! It is orchestra quality. What a crazy vibration! While we all sat silently meditating on Peace, and when the bell of mindfulness rang to end the meditation, the full moon had risen over the Sacred Mountain! Beautiful clear night perfect white cottony clouds. All along the watchtower (the horizon) the five planets had come into alignment and the Twinkling constant color changes were dazzling here at the equator at 1,300 meters above sea level. The dawning of the age of Aquarius! Just lately, a few extranjeros nuevos han llegado (new foreigners have arrived) who seem kind of interesting in an over all Vilcabamba sort of way. A new ex-pat called Paul, from U.S.A.merica, says he was a teacher of 4th way groups in USA in Asheville NC and New Mexico. He is sounding out people around here to see if he can begin a 'group' here. I am quite interested to become more actively involved in 'the work' so this is potential good news. There are two men from opposite ends of the known Universe here, who are disrobed buddhist monks. One is from Iraq called David and the other from New York City called Joseph. They seem as different as night and day (knight and dei). They do not know one another. As of now i am just barely acquainted with them. I intend to cultivate a friendship with them, as I feel there are often placed before me, little candles to light the way. So long a way, so little light, one should not waste too many opportunitys to advance on the path, no? But Wait! There's More! A german woman called Ika has also recently appeared upon the scene. She has spent several years in the Amazon Basin in Peru, studying with an Indigenous Shaman. Later, she traveled with the Shaman to Europe and toured with him as he performed ritual ceremonies in numerous countries in the E.U. for more than a year. She is an adept at mixing medicinal plants to produce visions and insights. I am also only slightly acquainted with her at this time. Though it seems she is going to stay here. She has become close with several of my inner circle of friends. Rumors and war clouds seem to be brewing over her presence and some of the established 'medicine men and women' in the vicinity and I may be witness to the 'battle of the magicians' some time soon. I can hardly wait!! I can't help but to remember an old story I first heard in Gilli Tra Wanga back in 2004. A student asked the master: "What does the world rest upon?" The master answered: "On the back of a huge turtle." The student asked: "And what does the turtle rest upon, oh wise one?" The master answered: "Upon another turtle." The student, yet again, asked: "And what does that turtle rest on?" The master, becoming annoyed, answered: "Don't you get it? It's turtles all the way down!" I expect to soon update my Couch surfing profile and accept CSers and any of you who wants to come and crash on the couch. I would love to see any of you and I love hearing from you. I will continue to write updates. If you want to be taken off the list write and let me know. If you want to check up on past travels go to www.robertstravels.blogspot.com I hope this letter finds you all happy healthy and consious of your breath! Just remember breath is the secret to life. Keep on breathing and you will live forever! Check out the quotes below... Peaced and loved, Blessed and lit, Roberto el Vagabundo (Rambling Robert) " I had this advantage, at least, in my mode of life, over those who were obliged to look abroad for amusement, to society and the theatre, that my life itself was become my amusement and never ceased to be novel. " H D Thoreau "Kabalah teaches that, in spiritual matters making a good beginning is not enough. The distance between the beginning and the end is often very great and always greater than we expect. True spiritual work requires maintaining our strength in order to manifest good in the end" Rav P.S. Berg "Undoubtedly philosophers are in the right, when they tell us that nothing is great or little otherwise than by comparison" Jonathan Swift


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