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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lake Manenjou re-visited

Lake Menenjau part two
Hello everyone.It has been almost a month since my last travel update. So much and so little have been happening. Hard to explain but here goes...
I have been in West Sumatra at a dream like place called Bayur village on the shore of surrealistic lake Mananjou.30km from Bukit Tinggi. I have spent the last 26 days doing absolutely not much! Swimming hiking enjoying quiet natural sounds of the forest at night. I have been studying a book on Islam, and in particular the concept of surrendering to gods will. I have been getting tutored as it were by Hameed an expat from Kuwait who lived in the bungaloe next to mine for 18 days. We became good pals. The will of allah is the same thing aparantly as the darma is in buddhism. Nothing more or less than the collected natural laws of the physical and cosmic world. To surrender to the will of allah is to surrender to the laws of nature. Gods will manifests itself through these physical laws. The physical laws of the universe are the manifestation of gods will. okay so this makes sense in a muslim way. I finally get it!!
But from my own perspective, will is the outcome of desire. Without desire there is no will. How can god have desire? If god desires something it is so, right?
When we see a rock and lift it up in our hand it seems the rock has a seperate existance. That as we toss it in the air and catch it, it seems to be free and independent and to have a seperate existance from this planet. This is of course an illusion.
The rock is part of the planet, right? How about me? I am part of the planet right? Seriously,right? So I do not exist seperately as an individual entity. How could I. Im completely made up of parts and particles that are of the earth and are not a part of "me". Mostly water and carbon but with a few other earth elements mixed in.
Nothing. No-thing, that my body is made of came from anywhere in the cosmos except from the planet earth, the third stone from the sun, my mother. I am part of the earth. I can jusmp up and down and seem to be a seperate thing, but this is illusion. I am not seperate. I am part of the earth.My consiousness is a part of the earth also. How could it not be? How could it be of anything but of the earth?
Am I born? do I die? or am I just a part of this constant cycling and recyling of the earth from organic go inorganic and back to organic again. Being "born" dying being born again. I fear death. I fear the unconsciousness of the death. of the inorganic. i fear that the inorganic is not conscious. I fear that when I die I will not be conscious. But maybe not.
Maybe When I am in my organic stage this is when i am truly not conscious. I am unaware of the earth, unaware that I am even a parat of the earth. Maybe this is the unconscience part of the cycle and when I return to the earth mother I will suddenly be born again into the Earth consiousness. and all the time spent as an organism will be only a part of the collective consciousness of the sphere.
The law of three a cosmic law articulated to Ouspensky by Gurdjieff says that There are 3 forces in the universe that control everything. Well not really control. Think of them more as the canvas on which all the rest of it is painted. Positive negative nuetral. birth life death.
All things(god) somethings(gods manifestations, all things physical and intellectual or what we call reality), and Nothing(no things that which was before gods manisfestation)
The past present and future. The present is in the process of becoming The past... and The present is becoming the future.We have no impact no control over the future except right now in the present we have no imnpact or control over the past except that we creat the past right now every second that we live. The illusion is that we have control of the preesent when in reality we control the past and the future.
The present is the realm of nothing. to the buddhist this is "being here now", this is what the zen buddhists striving for nothingness are about. Being NO-THING is being here now. It is the becoming moment. The present moment the now is the instant of creativity. The now is when the past and the future are created. Every milisecond we relive the big bang. If only we stop to consider. well... I have stopped and i am considering. I have a long way to go but I am already gone. I am now and I am here.
Soo.....Uuhhh... What else? Yeah like,waterfalls. Nutmeg trees. Cinamon trees. I hike throught the jungle for 2 hours to get to this beautiful waterfall. Passing spice tress. Sugar cane. Cacao trees. Banana trees ( Yikes I am getting hungry!! I hear monkees screaming in the trees (Hey Hey we're the monkeess and people say we monkey around...) Beautiful butterflys that are cobalt blue with all white polka dots doing the ariel dance that buttterflies do. The falls are about 30 meters (100ft) they are in a main stream and a dozen smaller streams cascade down the sides. It is hot here on the equator. the spray is wonderful. Next thing I know Hameed is in the water swimming around. Is this what paradise is like? cool clear mountain springfed waterfalls and polka dot butterflies dancing in space among chocolate sugar banana cinnamon and nutmeg trees? one giant cosmic banana pancake and two coffees please? Am I in Heaven or am i in Sumatra? It must be sumatra because I have to walk back down. In heaven you get to fly down with the butterflies.I think I may be smokin too much of that stuff...
I am in Malaysia in an air condidtioned internet cafe, looking at a website for trains to Thailand. The land of smiles.I will go to Hat Yai next week. It is the third largest thai city near the borders of Malaysia and Myanmar.I am well and happy. I hope you are too. Tonite i will dream of waterfalls in Paradise.

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