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Sunday, March 13, 2011

travel update from Asuncion Paraguay

Hello Everyone,
Paraguay is one of the places that few travelers ever go. On the one hand, it is cool to go off the beaten track or the gringo trail. On the other hand there is often a rather good reason travelers and tourists go to certain places. I mean who goes to USA and spends a week exploring Newark N.J.? But as for me, well it just seemed like the thing to do at the time!
After all this travelling and rambling one accumulates acquaintences. I am staying here in Asuncion Py. with Dr Emilio and Professor Lili at their home. They have graciously invited me to stay here for the couple of weeks I am going to be in Asuncion. They are marvellous folks. i am so glad to know them. We have excellent chats each evening on topics as far reaching as the holy trinity, to why all governments fail ( Paraguayanos know all about failed government) to how to avoid dengue fever.
Lili taught me how to make the Paraguay classic dish called chipa guazu. i tried it in the huge Mercado cuatro downtown the other day and really loved it and wanted to learn to make it. We made it together.She was the chef I was the clean up committee. It is a vegetarian dream on a plate. As all truly great recipes it is so easy a 6 year old could make it yet complex in taste and texture enough for any one to ruin it!! ( write back if you want a recipe.)
Dengue fever is endemic here. This means that there is enough of it in the survivors blood that it does not need to be brought in from new sources. it just is here. Sometimes it seems to be more contagious than others and now there is an outbreak. It is on the news at night how people are dying in hospital. Aye Zukes!! Freaking me out man! This is why I always say "I like cockroaches more than mosquitos". Cockroaches eat bedbugs and leave people alone. All they do is help clean up the mess we make. Plus they are like China. That is, they are very numerous and soon when humans die of their own greed and mess, they will take over the world. First the chinese and then the cucarachas. Just my opinion.
I bought an e-tick this morning on kayak.com I will fly from newark to london including all tax, fees and luggage for under 300 USD. first leg of this summers travel on siberian railroad. the plan is to fly to london. get on a cheap ryan air flight to the baltics. have a week in each of lithuania latvia estonia and then cheap ferry boat to finland for a week. See my traveling friend Samuel and then train from helsinki to st petersburg. from st pete to moscow. trans siberian from moscow to mongolia. mongolia to china. china to nepal. nepal to god knows where!!! Wanna come?
I sure get upset when the dollar takes a down tick. When international monetary markets whack off big chunks of my savings by devaluing the dollar. Easy to forget that the observer is the observed. The government is devaluing the dollar. they have no value for the dollar. they think it is worthless. That is why they spend billions of them as if it were nothing. because it is nothing to them. Do you devalue the dollar? Is it nothing to you?
do you treat your hard earned dollars (euros, pesos, pounds, whatever...) as if they were worthless? $500.00 watches? $75.00 shirts? $90.00 hotel rooms? $20.00 pizzas? $500 Bar B Que Machine? New car every 3 years?
Do not complain when the government acts like you do. Americans complain the government is not fiscally responsible. We say they borrow tons of money and spend it without a care. What Do you do? do you borrow and spend? Do you have credit card debt? do you think of your consumer goods as investments? A bond is a debt. The walls of the prison are made of bonds. Living in debt is living in bondage. I have no debt. i am free of debt, I live in freedom.
The word mortgage comes from the french language. It means death lock. I aint making this up. If you want to be free all you have to do is say no. Don't spend money on stuff you dont need. Life is for living not for working and collecting stuff.
The American government spends more money on guns than any other government. The american people spend more money on guns than any other people. Are you safer? do you feel safe having that big army? the closet full of guns? Is it nice to know your government has enough money to buy and mnaintain 5,000 nuclear war heads but insufficient funds to give you free health care? makes me feel all warm and comfy inside.
I am in a place with all the internet access I want for free and so I have been reading on the net about the terrible destruction in Japan. Many of you who recieve this will remember i predicted that japan was gathering terrible karma for continuing to hunt whales. I said their greed would anger Mother Ocean. Well look here now...Still my heart aches for those poor people but also for the poor whales they kill for to satisfy their greed.
Below is a link to the next place i will be staying. It sure seems like a cool place to me. I am enjoying my time at home of Emilio and Lili. They are so kind to me. Lili and I cook together almost every evening. She is more or less a vegetarian and so am I. More or less! Emilio is just enjoying the nice things coming out of the kitchen!
I will close out here and leave you all with a couple of quotes from people i admire.
Love and Peace to all of you,
Roberto Mochilero
Tel. (595) - 0985898446
"A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy." -Aldous Huxley -

"It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
Jiddu Krishnamurti

"If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law."
Winston Churchill


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