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Sunday, January 09, 2011

travel update from Rosario

saludos a todos,
Well first of all a couple of last thoughts on one of my favorite cities in "the new world" The last time I was in Buenos Aires, I wrote in travel update that I thought everyone should visit this city at least once in their lives. I still feel that way. it is truly one of the worlds greatest citys and I think the greatest city south of the USA in the western hemisphere.
So many things to see and do there. Tango, Boca Juniors, Museums, Music. I got to see a little Jazz Trio twice in the time I was there called "Billy Bob & his Acid Peronistas" they are a switched on trio of electric Bass, Guitar and a fine fine drummer who had a tiny kit of one snare, two top hat cymbals and a little two drum bongo set. He only used brushes . Pablo the guitarist was the leader. He could really pluck. The bass player was also right there!! and he sang a little as well. I can not shake their version of "Honey Pie", an old beatles classic.
On my second to last day, a nice Israeli woman traveler called Maya (this is also the name of the mother of Gutama Sidhartha, the Buddha) turned me on to a Buenos Aires classic...UGIĀ“s. The best pizza I have had since Venezia. Hot from the oven, funky and cheap, only mozzarella pizza available no add ons, no toppings, but Better than Ella Fitzgerald!! It is right on Avenida Corientes across from the Obelisk, which is one of the turist sites everyone goes to see in B.A.
I left Buenos Aires on a train from Retiro Station. Arrived 6 hours later in Rosario. I am staying at a little hostel called Posada Juan Ignazio on Tucuman Street, a quiet neighborhood about a 10 or 15 minute walk from anything you would want to do. There is a nice little patio area with a swimming pool and it has agua bien fria ( cold water!) which is great because it is really hot here, and after a walk-about, to get back and jump into a cute little swimming pool for a refreshing dip, well what can I say?
Oh no! its always something..there have been about 25 Israelites all age 22 or 23 and fresh out of the IDF whom I am sharing the place with, Just me and them thats all.! Now anyone of you who has ever been in a similar situation is already got a great big grin on your faces, and for those who have not, well lets just say that a bunch of soldiers on leave from the war for a little hard core R&R would be a mild description.
They are NEVER quiet. You never do not notice them. Always doing stuff that is rude and in the loudest possible way. They have wrecked a few chairs, the bathroom door, and just can not grasp the idea of not putting paper in the toilet. they just cant get this idea. Loud music, jumping down the staircase (not walking) , sreaming when they jump in the pool, Shouting to one another from two rooms away, just talking to each other this way from two rooms away as if there were no one else here.. Slamming doors, turning on lights, singing in hebrew at the top of the voice at 3 in the morning, They swagger, chest stuck out, prancing around in their underpants in the common areas they never do anything quietly, turning the volume of TV to full limit...Just not cool ever. wow Aye! Get the picture?
Being a soldier, a policeman, a prison guard, outlaw biker club member, mafioso or anyone who is required to carry a sword or a gun, turns you into a certain type of person. To take this job willingly, To take orders and shoot people or bomb their home or bulldoze the home is truly to take the ego far too seriously and miss the mark completely.
To take the illusion to the point where one will use this kind of violence to enforce arbitrary rules, self defense concepts and/or ideas is just not holy. Former soldiers need a long time to get back to normal, if they ever were normal to begin with.
Truly if you live by the sword you die by it. you catch a disease of the soul. And if all the citizens are forced to participate the whole society gets the sicknesss. They become haters, and they proclaim that hate and war are inevitable and thus make reality in their image and we have a world that you can look at every night on the 6 oclock news.
There they are. there are the soldiers,cops, and outlaws that are on the news.On the news teaching everyone that Killing people=being heroes...justifying violence. All you have to do to end war is to take the word "hero" out of the vocabulary. I always say everything on TV is bullshit except professional wrestling!
I think anyone who does this wrong livelyhood for a while knows in their soul that it aint holy and they will morph into a certain type of person (Swaggering/hater) unless they make a serious effort not to.
It is at this point that one must fight against the momentum to be unconsious. Being a soldier is the most mechanical, the least conscious job there is. Buddha was born into the warrior class. He was not born a brahmin.
To make the necessary struggle, the Jihad effort, to "awaken" after being in such a caste, like a hypnotised, sleep walking, killing soldier zombie, this friction is truly how to create the energy needed to become enlightened. The friction obtained by this inner struggle between good and evil, is the energy the buddha used to become liberated.
I got a lot of feedback on my last update. About 98% positive. I have a new style to the updates. I write a little travel stuff first and then I deal with my inner feelings and my spiritual growth. I feel good about sharing this stuff. I will try to be a little less political but ...well, hah, you all know how I am!! I will try to remember this quote from an old hero of my youth...
"For me, the lame part of the Sixties was the political part, the social part. The real part was the spiritual part."Jerry Garcia
So I am typing this in Rosario, one of the three largest cities in Argentina. There are a little less than a million people here. I am thinking about the spiritual part. It is a nice clean relaxed city. I got here on January 3 and think I will stay a couple of weeks.
I got my orthodedic inserts for my shoes yesterday and hopefully my feet will be okay now. I have been having a lot of pain due to this flat feet thing that is happeneing to me. These inserts were custom made to the imprints from my feet so they should be just what i need. At least that is the theory, I will see.
Thats all for now. Peace and loe to all of you,
Roberto Mochilero el vagabondo
"You never need an argument against the use of violence, you need an argument for it." Noam Chomsky
"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free."Jim Morrison
"Those who have not found their true wealth, which is the radiant joy of Being and the deep, unshakable peace that comes with it, are beggars, even if they have great material wealth." Eckhart Tolle


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