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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween from Uruguay

Saludos a todos,
Okay kids, todays trivia question is: Which is the only south american country to host a major battle in World war two? Thats right!!! The battle of the rio del Plata, where the Nazi cruiser Graf Spee was sunk occured right here where I am wraaiting from in Montevideo Uruguay. My room actually has a view of the Rio del Plata.
I have now completed 7 years and one month of travelling the world. Retired, unemployed and homeless, a salik (sufi seeker of truth) a vagabundo (wanderer), an old hippy, a squirrel trying to find his nut in the world. Whooaahahh I am diggin the scene and the scenery.
I have been here for about 5 days. I stayed two nights at Palermo art hostel, but they were full for halloween weekend so I changed and now I am at the green hostel in the old city which I kind of like better anyway. The accent here is so different from Ecuador that I sometimes think the people are speaking Portugese. They all understand me and I have not had an english conversation in 5 days. I am getting used to their way of speaking.
I dont have much to say as yet about Uruguay except that i like it here. It is a little cold for my taste (20 in the day 13 at night (68 to 55 american degrees) and windy). It is a little expensive by comparison to northern South america my hostel bed costs 11 USD and a liter of beer costs about 2 USD. But hey, I like it! This is aparently the wealthiest country per capita in South America. It is clean safe and well run. If you like meat, it is like gioing to heaven. all kinds of steak restaurants. If you like pasta it is like going to Italy. Great pasta! great Gnucci, ravioli and also really excellent cheeses. Of course the people here all drink Hierba Mate (uuugghhh I hate that shit) but coffee and tea is also universally available. The coffee I am used to from Ecuador is much much better than here, but Hey I like it here!!
I want to share an experience that occured in Vilcabamba. and then the first draft of the first chapter of the book I will probably never write anyway...so get yourselves a cup of coffee and relax this might be a long letter!
Me and Estelita were staying at Mick and Cynthia´s house in VC while they were on holiday in England. one night a lechusa (owl) flew into the house by way of the balcony. The little guy got immediately confused and disoriented as he had lived his whole life in the Garden of Eden and suddenly found himself transferred magically into the 3D Hell that is the artifical fake and phoney world which Ser humanos (human beings) have created.
He was on the floor in a corner beneath a standing floor lamp and apartently terrified. Well, who wouldnt be if they were minding their own business flying around in the garden of eden looking for mice to eat and then they suddenly landed in the plastic hell realm of the human world! Now just to preface, Mick and Cynthia have a very nice home! beautiful byu human standards. lots of expensive art work on the walls, cool open verandas, nice balcony, beautifully restored wood beams and window panes, hand carved doors, lovely painted stucco walls etc. but to a free bird...Just hell on earth!!!
Well, I finally hit on the solution. I tossed a cowboy hat that was hanging on a peg over the little fellow and dragged the hat over to the balcony and lifting it up, he flew off into the freedom of the real world at night. I got a great revelation about the garden (forest) of eden and the world (everything made by man).
I realized that we were all in the garden of eden and then we ate of the tree of ignorance and cast ourselves out into the 3d hell that we built for ourselves. Rather than trusting to Allah for all our needs we created Satan and quickly went to work for him building paving and asphalting, every aspect of the natural world. within our sight and reach.
wow freaky vision huh??well maybe not so freaky. below is the first draft of the first chapter of the book I mentioned before.
In the beginning, all the creatures of the earth lived harmoniously in the garden of eden. The garden was not like what we think of today as a garden. Today we think of a garden as a small placeof natural beauty carved out of The world.A garden was a natural place. Not manicured or planned out by the mind of men. It was as Allah had made it. Allah is the forces that create the universe and maintain harmony in the universe. Satan are the forces which destroy and cause dissonance in the universe.Allah´s creatures are the angels while man´s creatures are the devils.
All Allah´s creatures lived together in the garden with man. They lived harmoniouly with one another. not always "peacefully" but always harmoniously. The creatures had a natural intelligence which they were endowed with by their creator. The young and strong sometimes ate the old and weak, in order to maintain the balance, the harmony of creation in the garden.
Man was a part of this harmonious balance. He lived just in the same manner as all the other children of god. He was not superior,nor was he inferior. He simply was.And all that "was" was good. For Allah creates no "bad"
Then one day man became ignorant. Man ate of the fruit of the tree of ignorance. This is when man first became ignorant.
In his ignorance, Man decided that some creatures were good and some were bad. Some were beloved by their creator and others were hated.Some inferior and some superior. This is ignorance.
Then one day, men decided they would create the world.
Man in his ignorance, decided that, rather than maintain the garden, in accordance with the "will of allah", It would be "better" to create the world.
In ignorance, man decided that, his role, his purpose, was as creator,rather than as maintainer. Man in his ignorance, decided that, Allah had created him with a purpose different than the purpose for which Allah had created every other thing in the Garden. Man decided there was good and bad, better and worse, there was the beloved and the hated. Soon, man, in his ignorance, decided that Allah had created man in the image of Allah and that Allah loved man above all his other creations. Man decided in his ignorance that Allah loved man most, that man was good and that man was better than the other crations, the other creatures, the other children of Allah.
Thus, man gave bith to division and division gave birth to Satan and Satan gave birth to hate. Man created Satan out of his own ignorance. Before man was ignorance, there was no Satan, no hate, there was only Allah and love Satan is the image of ignorance.
Soon Man in his ignorace, decided that Allah hated certain of his creatures, certain of his children. Ignorance, is the cause of all hate.Ignorance is the idea that Allah loves one creature and not another. Allah loves all his crations equally, All his creations knew this. Man knew this too, until he became ignorant.
and so Man in his ignorance decided that there was better and worse. Man decided that he would create the world. Man left the garden (the forest) and began to destroy the garden to use the dead bodies of trees to build with. to rearrange the stones to build the world. Now that the world was created man could not leave the world. Man saw that the garden was good of good and of love and the world was evil and hatred, division and ignorance.But man becausse of his ignorance could not leave the world. Because his ignorance had given birth to fear. Man blamed the other animals for his ignorance, for his fear.And in his hate and in his fear he cursed Allah.
Man was forced to live in the world of man created things and could never return to the garden of things creatted by Allah because now, man , in his ignorance had begun to hate the garden of Allah. Man Began to hate and to persecute the creations of Allah. The animals, the trees,even the waters and the air. Man in his ignorance began to hate and persecute all the angels of Allah, all the creations of allah, man now completely under the influence of Satan, of ignorance, even divided the stones into the good and the bad, the valuable and the worthless.
Satan created suffering and now even god suffered.
Well thats all folks. Please write back and tell me what you think of this madness if you feel like it.
Peace and love to all who read these words.
Rambling Roberto
"The impossible is possible when people align with you. When you do things with people, not against them, the amazing resources of the Higher Self within are mobilised." Gita Bellin

"Absence and death are the same - only that in death there is no suffering." Theodore Roosevelt

"Democratic societies are unfit for the publication of such thunderous revelations as I am in the habit of making." Salvador Dali


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