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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

last word on el salvador

Hola mis amigos,
Well As I write this letter I am in Playa San Diego, a little know beach town near La Lbertad, a better know beach town in El Salvador, a little known country betwen Guatemala and Honduras, which ae two more well known central american countries, Harummpphhhhh.
Well I am hiding here to avoid the madness of Semana Santa (holy week) which is the 7 days before and including easter sunday, in all latino countries. I am staying in a hostel called el Roble ( the Oak) this is now my new favorite hostel in the known universe!! You can find it on Hostelz.com or Hostelworld.com. The hostel and even this town are not in Lonely planet or footprint guide. Which means that most of the backpckers will never find it. and of course the other tourists wont either.
I am staying about 400 meters from the ocean Pacifico which has a nice long quiet white sand beach here and the surf is strong but good none the less for swimming. The hostel has a swimming pool too.
The cheap beds cost 8 dollars and Darren and Seka the owners are too cool to raise the prices during semana santa. I have booked in for 12 nights so I wont have to deal with rip off prices or drunk crowds of university students. They have a volley ball net over the pool which mkes for great water volley ball games! They have a ping pong table, tennis court, restaurant, full bar, 25 billion thousand million gigs of great tunes, kitchen for guests, hammocks book exchange (although I am still reading "Beelzebubs tales to his Grandson" now for the third time this year, and on page 700 and something...only 500 more pages to go before I start the summanabitch over again. JG Bennet said he read it 29 times. I might stay here even longer than I originally thought...
There were some nice guests here before but now all that is left is 7 christian missionaries (amerikans working in an orphanage in Honduras) who are here for semana santa holiday. they are okay but we don't talk too much. I think they don't like the title of my book. Yet another benefit of reading Gurdjieff!! Its like mosquito cream for "born agains"! It keeps the baptists away! Tonight a bunch of new guesta arrive too. and I guess it will be quite full until after easter. I have plenty of time on my visa so i have no plans to leave as
Ahh well it is now 9 days later and I am in San Salvador the capital city of El Salvador. I am just hanging out here for a day till I get a bus to managua in Nicaragua. I will stay in Managua for an hour at the most and then take a bus to Leon and stay at Bigfoot Hostel, where I stayed the last time in January of 2006.
Well I must say that El Salvador was more fun than I expected. I really enjoyed this country. the hostel el Roble is one of the very best I have ever stayed in. great value for the money and really great attitude of the owners and the guests make a terrific hide away for any weary budget traveller. I just cant say enough good stuff about this one!
Next update from Nicaragua
Peace and love,
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