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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

travelupdate from Mexico city

I have just left San Miguel de Allende (SMA) and went to pass a week or so in Mexico city before going to Oaxaca for December. I came here (SMA) because it was recommeded to me by a fine travelling mate of mine Mark, who is an artist who lives in California near where i used to live. We met in Colombia a few years ago and have kept in touch ever since. I arrived In SMA about 4pm from Guadalajara.My first impressions were excellent.
This is a truly beautiful small city in Mexico´s old colonial heartland. There are nothing but beautiful old homes and churches and nice parks and lovely cobblestone and riverstone streets. This place is famous for its architecture and ambience. It is also famous for its artist community.
Not un-like Ubud on the island of Bali except...This is now a colony of the United States of Babylon! Starbucks on the corner of the main plaza. Expensive gringo restaurants everywhere! Everyone (it seems) in the streets you pass is an american in American clothes speaking english and they are (it seems) almost all Liberal Democrats!! Bill and Hill would feel right at home! Truly nausseating in this respect!
It is fascinating to me, that, here in Mexico and San Miguel Allende too, all the Mexicans are so friendly to the Gringos. Well of course they are just naturally friendly anyway, as anyone who has been to Mexico for more than two weeks in Cancun can tell you, but when one thinks of how the Americans act toward and talk about and treat their neighbors to the south, as compared to the way the Mexicans treat the Gringos it just makes you feel ashamed.
The LACK of racist zenophobic attitude here is so refreshing.They dont talk about building a wall to keep out the gringos who are coming here in droves because it is too expensive to retire in USA. Because health care is the most expensive in the entire world. The contrast is very interesting and one cant help but notice just how racist the Gringos are. Of course not all Americans are racist zenophobes, but...well it is what it is I suppose.
Took a 2km walk up a hill and arived at the Charco del Ingenio which loosely translates as "Talent Pool" This is a little pond created by damming a river. Here we have the Jardin Botanico (Botanical Gardens) of SMA. It is 65 hectares (70acres) of cactus and other local plants. There are numerous hiking trails and of course a bird sanctuary all around the lake. Me and Steve, whom I met in Guadalajara and traveled with to SMA hiked around for a coouple or three hours. It was very nice. Beautiful warm sunny day and a lot of good natural stuff to look at. Steve had some binoculars so we could see some nice birds.
As one walks up the hill through the town, there are many big new houses built here to home the Gringo Retirees who are beginning to flood this town. all with high walls and security fences. All these enormous homes in which two old gringos will live while paying some servants 10 dollars a day to keep them from ever having to clean their own mess again... ¡¡Que Feo!!
These homes all have real nice views The Mexicans dont really like to live too far up because of the walk from town, but the gringos dont walk. The bring their SUVs (stupid ugly vehicle) with them. Actually at first it seems to make me angry and then sad and then just amused.It is rather amusing after all dont you think?
Here is the scenario...35 years ago they bought a tract house in Wheeling Illinois for $55,000 American. They sold it 5 years ago for 600,000. Now this retired hardware store clerk pretends to be rich while living like a colonial lord. Of course, at home he wouldnt have enough money to take a two week vacation in Atlantic City but here He is a big shot and a patron of the arts. Just amusing thats all. Nothing actually wrong with it I guess, just amusing...thats all...
So now here I am in Mexico city. They say this is the most populated city in the world. like 25 or 30 million people. no one knows exactly. How could they?
There are 4 main bus terminals. North South East and West. This way the busses never have to go through the city and add to the traffic jams. No matter which terminal you arrive at, there is a metro station just outside so you can just exit and then enter the metro (subway) and for 2 pesos (15cents) you can go anywhere in the city. The whole system is color coded. Each stop has a name and a little icon, so even if you cant read you can easily use the system. It is cheaper, faster and safer than taking a taxi. I took tahe orange line and changed at the pink line and got off at Isabela la catolica station the icon is a little caravel (a sail boat like the one columbus was on). walked 4 blocks and arrived at hostel amigo.
For eleven dollars I have a nice clean comfortable bunk bed in a dormitory. Free internet and free vegetarian buffet breakfast and vegetarian dinner buffet. voted best hostel in Mexico 3 years in a row from Hostelworld.com. I can see why.
My first night ñhere, I went to the big Zocalo or main plaza. They have a free lazer light show at 9 to celebrate some holiday ( i dont know what). WEll It was the ñmost amazing light show I have EVER seen!! absolutely fantastic. I went there with an Italian traveler I met
( a chef from Genoa!) and it was the coolest light show he had ever seen too!! Like taking LSD.
This morning I went to the grand palace of the government and to the supreme court building. I saw the amazing ( i hate that word) frescos of Diego rivera and of Orozco and of some other younger artists. Totally excellent. All for free. I cant l begin to say how much I have enjoyed my first 18 hours here!
There are people waiting for the internet so I have to go now
Peace and love to all who read these words
Rambling Robert
"Lasting peace will come only from a profound understanding of violence." Leland R. Beaumont

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For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man. William Shakespeare


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gordon “Gordy” Elletson claims to be from Texas and posts on the internet under nic TEXKANO. Anyway this loser lives in CDO Philippines and hit a young child , one Xavier Madlangbayan from Iligan City, with a walking cane and then typed a full confession on his forum boasting of his accomplishment. The boys grandfather ,Dr. Severino Madlangbayan, is filing charges against the fake Texan coward and hopefully the loser will face justice this Nov. 20th


In Right_Minded-Winged_Warriors@y ahoogroups.com , TexKano
TexKano@(Gordon Elletson) wrote:

Okay, here’s the story of my shitty day on Monday.

2 weeks ago I got this letter of THREAT from OPM but sent thru
SSA at he Embassy Now, all of those fuckers got my correct address. I got my OPM
Handbook at the correct address and it is typed inside the pamplet.
the threat? They said I WILL show up at this outreach meeting or
My retirement (all of 569 per month for 26+ years of service) will be
cut off. So, against my will, I’m at a place I don’t wanna be (Pryce Hotel on
The Hill).

over there is this fat lil slug of a boy with his Lolo and Lola. he’s 12 or so.
Making noise slapping his hands on the side of the chair “LOO LO LO LO LA LA LA ” nonsesical noise out his fat lil mouth. had taken and extra valium, so not to bad yet. Gettting on my
nerves, but dealing. Then this lil fuck puts his feet, slippers and all on the dinning table.

I get up and walk over and tap him on the leg with my cane and tell
Him get his smelly feet and slippers off the table and practice acting like a
human being. Now, if I was in one of my rage moods, Lolo would have died when
He bumped into me, challenge why I “HIT” his grandson. Basically, because you, as his Lolo, ain’t doing your job and teach The lil dumb shit manners.

PNP was called, they waited (much to the Dr. Lolo’s dismay) until I was done with the Embassy thing. Him and his wife were irrate and degrading the PNP with their screaming and all around chimpanzee act..

Besides, I called a friend, a Major in the PNP and he arrived and spoke with the PNP. They had no problem with me, but were getting an
Attitude towards this old fart. o I got a free ride in the PNP vehicle (my choice), one of them
Rode with the wife,(again my choice). Old fart has to take grandson to hospital to have him looked at.
He shows up late and tries to bribe one of the officers (Lim) to take his side “I will take care of you” wink wink.

Nope, they all fed up with this guy.
The PNP gives me a good lawyer’s name.
I’m going to court when I get my summons.

Charge, Child Abuse.

I told the PNP, Yep, I did it, but I was wrong and sorry. I should
Have backhanded the old man out of his chair for not teaching his
Grandson manners.

They was all laughing when I left.

Good thing I forgot the guys name and address (saw it while they
Were typing the report) He would be unable to be at the court house.
No brag, just plain fact.

Child abuse?

I gave the PNP my web site address. They was having fun looking at
All my happy kids.




11:46 PM  

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