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Sunday, April 19, 2009

travel update from Nice, France


Breathing in, I am in France, breathing out I am smiling! Since my last update I have left Trinidad and had 8 days in Florida with my Earth Parents and also one of my brothers was able to come and see me too. These were relaxing and un-eventful days. I love them a lot and miss them all the time and really enjoy the times I have to be with them.

From Florida I flew in a jet plane to Dublin Irish Republic for one day. Walked around a lot and drank a little Guinness and saw ManU defeat Sunderland on the telly. I love Dublin but aye zukes it is an expensive city!! 6 euros (US dollars) for a pint of stout!

From Dublin a cheap Ryanair flight my ticket cost less than 4 pints of stout in a pub in temple bar district). The pilot landed me in Venezia (Venice) Italy. wow! Italy is the 60th country I have visited.

If you have not been to Venice, well what can I say? this city is so beautiful there arent really words to describe it. There is just nowhere on earth like Venice. I was there for easter sunday. What madness!

Millions of turists. Better to arrive on a quieter time. but I am on a bit of a schedule now because I have an important appointment in France for the summer and must arrive on 25/04/009. Plus to stay in Dublin two more days would be TERRIBLY EXPENSIVE! so I went to the most beautiful city in the world on a turist day. I had a lovely time there just the same. I had three days of wandering around aimlessly and remembering my breath while chanting Amitaba to my self. Always a good thing!

Next I went to Padova and stayed in a flat with a friend who lives there with two huge striped cats named Catanya and Bazooka...Padova is where Galileo built and used the first telescope and discovered that America was not the center of the universe.I visited the historical tower where he worked and checked it out.

It is still standing although it was damaged by aeriel bombardment by American and British planes during World War 2. (thats what you get for blasphemy) Maybe they thought Hitler was hiding there? Well, anyway it was not badly damaged and is nicely restored .

I also took the opportunity to visit the tomb of Saint Anthony. It is a very beautiful cathedral where he is resting. I have been to a lot of these religious tombs over these last years of my travels. the tomb of Rumi (founder of Sufism) The virgin mary (mother of Jesus) The tomb of the Holy sepulcher where Jesus was before he re-incarnated (I aint so sure he isnt still there but they wont let you look inside!) the tomb of Moses. The tomb of the B'Aab who founded the Ba Hai faith. I like to see these "holy"sites. I think they are special.

Lorredana took me out for the best ice cream (gelato) I have ever had. I had a combination cone of pistachio and chocolate. superb. the pistachio is especially wonderful and real. It tastes like nuts and I just cant describe how good it was. All natural. Nothing but gods own food. manna from heaven.

From Padova I went to Verona and stayed with another friend. Verona is where Romeo and Juliet had their brief romance. I visited Juliets home. Whoa! talk about a turist trap! still I love William Shakespear and it was cool to go even if it was over run with gelato munching shool kids on Easter break! Padova is another fantastically beautiful old city. A big ancient coliseum fountains gardens and a few castels and, well... just a beautiful place. I also had a lovely time here.

I stayed with a man called Paolo who is involved with the Gurdjieff work. Something I too, have been involved with over the years. We talked a lot about the work and trying to remember our selves and our breath. He introduced me to some other Gurdjieff enthusiasts and we talked late into the night. Drank some nice valpolicello wines. I think Mr.G would have approved!

Wine? Food? Aye Caramba! Italy is a little like heaven on this account! Wow. These people sure know how to eat and drink. They have the moderation thing down to an art or maybe it is a science. they may eat and drink better than the rest of the world but they dont over do it. Very few fat people here. Fabulous cheeses. Delightful veggies. I was lucky to be able to cook in my friends homes and try some of the great products from the daily out door markets. It is artichoke season! My favorite thistle. I made a salad one night of artichoke bottoms (10 clean fresh bottoms for 2 euro) and brocoli, radiccio capers olive oil and balsamic vinager. I also cooked some lovely pasta dishes and my Italian friends said i did okay (for a yankee gringo!!!).

So I am writaing now from South of France on the coast of the Mediteranean sea in the wonderful city of Nice.I arrived last night and will stay for 4 more nights, before going to Perigueux for the summer. My nest update will be written from there. As always here are a few quotes to hold you over until then.

Peace and love to all of you,


"You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room." Theodor Seuss Geisel
"If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?" TS Eliot
"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." Buddha


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