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Friday, February 25, 2011

travel update from Cordoba

Saludos a todos,
So I am here and it is now, but where? but when? well I am in Cordoba a large city in Argentina which is a large country. I arrived here two days ago from Capilla del Monte a new addition to my list of totally cool places in the world. But here and now i am in Cordoba.
Tomorrow night I will take an overnight bus to Resistencia Argentina. It is 12 hours away. It is on the border ( well very close) with Paraguay, but the nearest border crossing is at Posadas which is about 300km ( 5 hours) away. Here I can cross into Paraguay by boat or bus into the city of Encarnacion. Close to some interesting old christian jesuit ruins.
I will stay a night or two in Resistencia which is famous for its hundreds of Public Statues. There are more than 500 statues in parks, plazs and generally just distributed here and there. Or so I have been lead to believe. I will go and see for myself. Then take a bus to Posada and stay a night or not and head into Paraguay.
So my last letter was from Capilla del Monte. I moved into the house with Miguel who is an artist artisano and now a partner in a little neighborhood bar. His home is totally unique and he built it himself. It was constructed in 3 parts. He lives in a little tower with a rounded roof. the part I ws in also has a little tower but Iwas ina larger room with a fireplace.
The place is what we would call a flop house or a crash pad. It is dusty. I would guess the floor has not been mopped in years.It is what Americans in the real estate business would call "fabulous potential". You pay what you think is fair and put the money in an envelope. I was a little uncomfortable with that so we talked and agreed on 200 pesos a week ( $50 USD) I loved the place and stayed 18 days.
Staying there are also Joseph (an american) and Tanya (his wife who is argentine and paraguayan). Well actually Joseph and Tanya got married on one of the last nights I was there.It was a lovely wedding in a catholic way. later a good party with excellent band and excellent vegetarian raw food banquet. Most excellent. At the wedding I ran into a canadien guy named Devon.
It turns out that Devon is an acquaintance of mine from 5 years ago when I was travelling in Guatemala the second time, and he was living in a tree house outside of antigua. At Welcome to the earth lodge. Wow what a small world...
So there were delays in Capilla in my getting to visit with Mescalito. These were finally resolved and I hd some electric cactus juice with Luis and Miguel. We began the journey (trip) at about sunset. Very pleasant night. I felt a lot of mental confusion and inability to concentrate. Lots of wandering mind. Not very halucinogenic (maybe I needed to drink more). Not how I remember my peyote experiences but memories are faulty and cactusi are different besides that was there and then and this is...
So my time came to an end there in Capilla del monte. I felt like, for the first 2 weeks that I was staying at the casa of miguel, well, i felt almost like I was on retreat. I spent almost all my time in the garden or walking around the dry riverbed by myself. It is a very big dry riverbed and I walked in one direction for 2 hours and was no where near the end...Very beautiful ravine betrween two mountains. lots of birds. and if you sit quietly and meditate after about half an hour, when you open your eyes, you get to see a lot of smaller animals, lizards and bugs who were afraid and hiding. There were quite a few days that I hardly spoke a word.
Miguel has just opened the bar and his partner took off for a month to Spain and so he was like only there to sleep. He would get home after I had gone to bed, and wake up, have a mate and go to work.
I seem to have come to a point in my life, I feel very tranquil most of the time.I wonder if I am getting to be like these old guys, who retire and just sit around looking out the window...I mean sometimes I just sit around looking out the window or looking at the river or the lake or the mountain or whatever, I just sit there in this no mind state. When I catch myself day dreaming or talking in the head, I put attention on it and it stops. What stops? "IT" stops.
Now thngs havent always been this way. "IT" never used to stop so easily. For decades it has been somehow damned near impossible for me to quiet my mind, to be quiet in my head. There are always these compulsive thoughts,or old songs, or daydreams, or fantasies, or rehearsing to say something to someone, or worries over and over worrying something in my mind like a dog with a thorn in his paw.
Well here I am, like a desperado waiting for a bus. it is 4:30pm in cordoba and I have a bus to Resistencia at 9. I am just waiting. I am just waiting quietly and contentedly.Peace and love to all who read this
"The energy of the world remains constant. The entropy of the world strives to a maximum," Clausius
"Let your love be disgraceful, crazy and wild. If you are too holy,
God will escape you." - Rumi
“War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong;
and multiplies,instead of indemnifying losses.” - Thomas Jefferson


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