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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Travel update from Singapore

Hi from Singapore!
Well, I left Malaysia yesterday after staying in Melaka for about 10 days. One of those traveller things y'know, I was planning to be there a couple or three days and wello, I just liked it and stayed. I was at a way FUNKY guest house in the old part/china town of the city called Sama Sama where the owners, a married couple of old hippies who just kind of grew on me.We beecame buddies. He- is a 50 year old Malay of Chinese desent called Soon and She- about the same age , a swiss woman called Gabriella. Soon basically hung out all day and night sipping Carlsberg beers and playing Reggae records and old Grateful Dead tapes and Gabriella keeps the place clean and tends to the three cats and the dog. She chuckles at the end of every sentence and sometimes just starts laughing for no apparent reason at all...just generally amused by the whole trippy world.
So Soon turned me on to a way cool buddhist Vegetarian restaurant that serves FREE VEGAN meals three times a day and it was like, oh my it just doesnt get any better than this!!
Just around the corner from Sama Sama is a little Jazz pub called Honky Tonk Haven, where Joe plays pino and Jill sings. they are the maried owners,He is a Kiwi and she is a Malay of Philipino descent. She has a sweet voice but Joe...Well Joe is from another planet. He is the best Gall Dang boogie-woogie piano player i have ever seen. they own the joint and sell Royal stout for 6 Ringets each and I wound up ther every night. drinking Stout and listening to him play piano. What a life I live. They took me out on a Tuesday (their half day off each week) and we went to the beach and to a restaurant they always go to and had drinks overlooking the sea and a lovely lunch. Then I went shopping for them and bought some peanut butter and some real cheese for me. Real cheesew. What a treat. aged Australian Cheddar. Oh how nice after 6 months of no cheese except for some feta in Jordan.
So before Malacca I was in Kuala Lumpur. This is the clean and shiny thourouhly modern capital of malaysia. It is kind of like la giant air conditioned shopping mall. Not really my cup of tea. I had fin in china town and met nice people but all in all I just was not that enamored with KL. no particular reason just so.
So now here I am in Singaopore. It is about 5 hours from here by bus from Melaka counting going out of Malay custums and into Singapore customes. I am staying at a backpackers hostel called Inn-Crowd. Lots of young people who watch cartoons all morning on the boob tube just in case they arent quite stupid enough yet. It is a decent place with freee internet and air con and a pool table and a kitchen i can use which is great for me since the last time I got to cook for myself was in Amman Jordan. I make stir fried noodles with veggies and fermented tofu last night. What fun!!
This morning i had the charming experience of going to the US Embassy here in Singapore. It is a big grey fortified building with lots of big imposing walls and guards and metal detectors. Everyonw was very nice to me and I was in and out quickly. I was there on a mission. I once again needed a suplement of Visa Pages for my passport. I have twice run out of room for visas and stamps. They do it for free and it only takes 20 minutes and you get to watch CNN and W and Ohlmert saying how much they just dig the shit outta Fatah and Abbas and the Hamas are ugly beasts who just want to start trouble. AAhhhh so that explains everything I reckon...
So I am gonna go now I have better things to do than sit at the computer and write. I will be here for 5 more days and then I go to Hong Kong for a week and return here on 1/7/007 and then go to Kuala Lumpur for a flight to Medan on Sumatra on 4/7/007.Here then are some interesting parting thoughts one I particularly like is a little Haiku poem about the importance of "being" rrather than "doing"
Peace and Love to all who read this

Sitting quietly
doing nothing, the spring comes
grass grows by itself----ZEN HAIKU

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King


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