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Friday, April 06, 2007


Wow, after re-reading that last post I can see that I may have created a wrong impression. I am not using any drugs regularly. Many of you know that I have been an on again off again drug user for most of my life. Not something I am especially proud of but what the wahh hay it is the truth. I do not recommend my life style to anyone. I recommend to everyone to follow their own paths. Follow your own heart.
The point is that drugs are legally cheap in India. The legal ones are super cheap and the marijuana and charas (hashish) is also very abundant and cheap. Due to my own weakness, I find it hard to resist some of these drugs. Not cool, I know but alas it is who I am. Cheap legal morphine is quite a strong attraction to a boy like me. All this being said, I am not now using any drugs. Not smoking. Not drinking. Not taking any pills. I don't even own a pipe or papers anymore.
As a traveler i am obsessed with Freedom and what it means on many levels. One can not be free and also be using drugs. Sorry to break the news to my stonier friends but this is my true observation. For people like me it is hard to stay away from drugs and it is harder when I am in the company of partyers. This last week by myself i have hopped back on the wagon and as always I feel much better to be clean and sober than when I am getting loaded.
So ahem the other way to get around India cheap is with discount airlines such as Spice Deccan and Kingfisher. I took a Deccan flight from Ahmadabad to Goa for only 50 dollars American which saved me two days of train and bus travel and an overnight stay in Mumbai!! I felt it was worth it at the time since It would have only saved about 10 dollars to do the trip the hard way.
India is still for me a vegetarian paradise. Lots of options for non carnivores and Kerala is famous for the best food in India. It is dominated by coconuts which are one of my favorite foods, so I am a happy camper here. I must admit that it is sometimes distressing in these fishing towns cities and villages to see all the fish that looks fresh and probably so tasty but I don't want any part of it. I just don't want to be involved in the violence. Again I think everyone should follow their own heart on this but for me...well it is hard because on the one hand I like the taste and texture of fish and seafood but on the other I can see that commercial fishing is devastating our oceans and that we as humans are gathering immense negative karma from our continuous unnecessary killing of animals for food. Unhealthy oceans make an unhealthy planet. an unhealthy planet is not good for you and me. This is our karma at work. Just one mans opinion.
I have been trying to refrain from political and social commentary on these travel updates. Some of you are disappointed but to tell the truth, the real change is a revolutionary one that must begin with the individual. I don't care what Hilarious Clinton or osama Baraka are saying. They are not a representative of change but of continuation. They do not advocate change they are advocating the same course that has taken us to where we are. The way to freedom is for all of us as individuals to ignore the "leaders"and to change ourselves. To hell with the leaders the first freedom is freedom from Authority.
"It dont make no difference to me, you see, Everybodys got a right to be free"-Tom Petty
Peace and Love and most of all Freedom to all of you!!
Rambling Robert


Blogger Ethan Zara said...

Funny thing is the freer you get, the lonelier you become. Great site.

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