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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Aurangabad India

Hello from Aurangabad India.

Happy New Year it is the year of 007 my favorite secret agent Bong...James Bong
I have been in India for about 9 days now. I have stayed here in this peaceful spacious city North of Mumbai the whole time except for the first day, when I hung around Mumbai after missing a 6:10 train by 15 minutes i had to wait 11 hours for the next train.
My flight from Amman Jordan took off one hour late so I cant blame the taxi driver who took me from the airport to the train station. He is the son of Mario Andretti a real race car driver. One of the most frightening taxi experiences in a lifetime of frightening taxi experiences. Occasionally while narrowly missing a horrendous crash he would turn around to the back seat and grin at me for 15 seconds or so thus leading us into the next hair raising moment. I wanted to tell him to chill out but the combination of wanting to make my train and not wanting to seem like a woossy was too over whelming so I just grinned back at him and shouted "faster!, faster!" in my best Hunter S Thompson immitiaton...

"My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income"-Errol
While it is true that I love that quote...this doesnt seem like this particular problem will be much trouble over here. India is the cheapest country I have travelled in so far. I am staying for the last nights in a dorm in a YHA Hostel that has cost me 480 rupees (about US$11.00) Yo thats for 7 NIGHTS!!
As for food costs well it is as cheap as the room rate. I bought a littel samosa (triangular fried pastry with indian potato salad in the middle) and a littel "tempura" fried aubergine sandwich on my walk over here for 7 rupees, at 45 rupees to the dollar that is an unbelievably cheap breakfast! As for food quality well it is unbelievable!! Forget everything you THINK you know about Indian food if you havent been here, you just dont know... This country is like one big giant buffet. It is dream land for vegetarians. Wverything is vegetarian and most things are Vegan. It is very spicy, so if that is no good for you, you will have a problem here. Most of the time I dont have a clue what I am eating. I point to things and hold up however many fingers is appropriate for how much I want.
Near Aurangabad there are two world heritage site caves called Ellora and Ajunta that have been carved out of volcanic rock thousands of years ago. They were carved to make temples and monasteries for buddhist monks when buddhism was the main religion here. Later more caves were added for the Hindus and the Jains both sites are good but I liked Ajunta more. There are 2,200 year old paintings there that are still somewhat in tact due to the fact that the caves sheltered the paintings from wind air and water erosion. Very beautiful
Most of my time I have just been chilling out and walking around town and trying to get adjusted to the sights sounds and smells of India. Made friends with an American ex-pat named Tom and we3 have been palling around together. He lives in Mazatlan Mexico now but he has been in India for 5 months of a planned 9 nomonth trip. Cool guy. We went out boozing it up for New Years Eve with a couple of Japanese girls. Good Fun.
Today 1/1/007 I have a bus at 5pm to go to Ahmedabad in Gujaret state that will arrive there at 7 am on 2/1/007. It sounds like a good city with lots of interesting museums and a famous night market. This is where Mohatmas Gandis old ashram is and is now a big tourist attraction.
Next update in a 10 days or 2 weeks...


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