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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tamil Nadu India

Greetings from Tamil Nadu!!
I am in Madurai which is a large city of one million people in Indias South East most state of Tamil Nadu.It is known for its magnificent temple. I visited the temple this morning. It is called Meenakshi Temple. There are said to be over a million statues here. I didn't count but it is probably true!!! Good Lord Shiva!! It is a fantastic place for anyone interested in religious art, architecture or just ancient buildings or beautiful sites. I am glad I made this detour into an otherwise dirty crowded rather typical Indian city and I recommend it most highly.By far it is the most impressive religious building I have seen in these last 4 months in India.
I arrived here bus. From Kanniyamakuri. I used the State transport bus. The El Cheapo!! I got some misinformation and it seemed the day was going to be one of those travel bummers but it all turned out fine as Ganesha the elephant headed God of auspicious beginnings was clearly watching and protecting me.
At Kanniyamakurai, I was befriended by a man called Ashook who helped me to get on the right bus, and then when I arrived at the first city where I needed to change and get another bus he took me to a GREAT restaurant at the bus station and I had the best breakfast I have had in India. Bhaji Poori, dosa with samba and coconut chutney, those excellent fried lentil flour dough nuts, and something else which I don't know the name of. With good Kerala coffee. Ashook then walked me over to the next bus I needed to get on and bid me farewell.
Kanniyamakurai, is easy for all of you to find on a map. It is the absolute southern most point of India. directly to the south, is the Indian ocean. West is the Arabian Sea, and east is the Bay of Bengal. There is a small island just 100 meters off the coast. Here stands the 133 ft tall statue of Tiruvalluvar. This statue is a landmark for anyone in Kanyakumari. Tiruvalluvar was one of the greatest tamil poets. The statue is AWESOME!
Here where the land ends, on the horizon early in the morning one can see the sun rise and the moon set at the same time on the same horizon. I know of no other place on earth where this is possible. It was easy for me to get up so early because un-be-known to me, my hotel was next to a Shiva temple that played music on loud speakers beginning at 3am! Cripes!!
I only stayed in Kanni for one day and night before coming here toMadurai. before Kanni I took a train from Varkala, where I spent a dozen super lazy days just reading and hanging around the beach and making lots of good friends.
Varkala is know as an Ayurvedic retreat town. Many travelers Indian and foriegn come here to get massage and other treatments. Not me. I just came to hang out and be a lazy bum!! Play some cribbage and take a cooking class.
I have been reading a lot of Krishnamurti see this site if you are interested. I have also been reading some more Stephen Hawking and just trying to oh well you know figure out the universe and to "glow in the dark"!! Hah!! I reckon theres is nothing else to do with ones "time", eh?
So as always here is some "fat to chew"
Peace and love to all who read these words

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." Henry David Thoreau

"As one travels over the world and observes the appalling conditions of poverty and the ugliness of man’s relationship to man, it becomes obvious that there must be a total revolution. A different kind of culture must come into being. The old culture is almost dead and yet we are clinging to it. Those who are young revolt against it, but unfortunately have not found a way, or a means, of transforming the essential quality of the human being, which is the mind. Unless there is a deep psychological revolution, mere reformation on the periphery will have little effect. This psychological revolution—which I think is the only revolution—is possible through meditation." J.Krishnamurti


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