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Thursday, October 25, 2007


An American Traveller:
What? two travel updates in two days??!! Huuh? Whats up? Well let me explain.
Once again I think I may have misrepresented my self. I have received some interesting feedback on my last update. Most all of you have enjoyed it as is usually the case. Some of you however seem to think that i don't like America. This is NOT THE CASE!
I am American. I am not anything else. I hate it when some guy named Polski whose grandparents parents and he and his brothers and sisters were all born in America says he is Polish. He is American! Period! I am American through and through. I do NOT HATE my country.
I am grateful for my life. I have sure had some ups and downs no doubt about it. Aye Chingaso! did I have an interesting life as a child and teenager. I had some disastrous business dealings too. but make no mistake about it. I have had and am having a great life! This would definitely not be the case if I were not American.
Whatever else my country is, it is a land of opportunity. Is it fair for everyone? Hell no. Stop being a titty sucking mommas boy! Nothing is fair. BUT if you work hard, have some courage, and are clever you can do real real well in the USA; whether you are black brown red or white.
I owe my extraordinary life to the fact that my great grandparents on Moms side and my grandparents on dads side came there from Europe.
I love Mexico. but if I was born there and lived there I would not be where I am now. I am a pretty smart dude, but If it weren't for American public schools I wouldn't know how to read. My old high school teachers? Well some of them sucked and some of them were great and taught me to think, to question authority. In America one is allowed, even encouraged to question Authority.
Are there things wrong with America? Oh Pulll-eeeze give me a break!!Hell yes there are things wrong. There are things wrong with every country I have been to and every one that I have not yet been to! I get so mad at the Canadians who rag on USA with their cheesy flags sewn on their backpacks. I wanna tell them, take that flag off before you get to Sarajevo! Take it off before you get to Rwanda! I wanna ask when baby seal season starts in New Brunswick! Nothing more fun than hitting one of them cute little seal cubs on the head with a cricket wicket and skinning the little darling alive in front of its momma while she goes Boof Boof Boohh the way they do!
Dont even start me on the French! With Robespierre and the reign of terror. That's where the word terrorist came from. How about the Rainbow warrior? hmmmm? Oh I could go on and on. The Germans, the Japanese, the British, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Aussies, we all have blood on our hands historically speaking.
The point is to stop. To observe "what is" without condemning or judging. To see the past clearly to stop making the same foolish mistakes over and over and over.
Okay. Sorry for this little rant. Just wanted to clear the air one more time. In my opinion, ("People with opinions just go around bothering one another"-Buddha) uuhh...yeah well...in my opinion,("Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one and no one needs another"-Paul"Junior" Vincent)...well anyway...in my opinion...The problem is not my government but government itself. Not my nation but nationalism. Not my race but racism.Not religion but fanaticism. I reject it all. The problem with the human race is not political, it is psychological, we are all nuts! Schizo.
We all hear little voices in our heads. We think we have a "self" a "me" an "I". We divide the world between "me" and "mine" and "you" and "yours". We do not see the world as it is. We are living in an illusory fantasy of three dimensions and 6 senses. We must meditate and observe our true nature. We must see that we are all a part of the thin sheet of organic slime that covers this planet we are what we observe. We are nature. there is no separation we are the world we are the universe there is no "difference" between your left hand and your right. They are both a part of the whole you. Muslims and Christian are all the same. The IDF and Hizbu Allah are the same. The US Marines and Al Queda are the same. WE are all one. The Americans and the Vietnamese the Germans and the Congolese. The Aussies and the Abos. Hindus and Baha'i are all the same. Communists and Capitalists are all the same. When we bomb Iraq we bomb OURSELVES!! The rest is silence. Next update from Cambodia. (This time I mean it!)
So now as always some good advice from some guys who are a lot smarter than I am.
Peace and Love,
Rambling Robert the travelling man

"Never undertake anything for which you wouldn't have the courage to ask the blessing of heaven" G.C. Lichtenberg

"By teaching others you will learn yourself.."-G.I.Gurdjieff


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