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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Travel update from Mancora Peru

here I am again. In Mancora Peru. A small quiet beach town in north west peru only 40 or 50 km from Ecuador on the Atlantic ocean. It is the dead of winter here in the tropics the weather is about 80 to 85F everyday (25-30C) and never a cloud in the sky, until sundown when the wind picks up and some clouds roll in for about 1 or 2 hours. It is cooler but certainly not cold at night. I havent worn socks in 4 weeks, but often put on long pants at night. A jacket is not really needed, but it is comfortable with or without one. I have been here in Mancora for a little over a month and now it looks like I will be here for another 3 weeks. I have been keeping company with Angela, an Austrian woman who will be my traveling mate when we leave here in 3 weeks.
We will be headed to Ecuador, to hide out at a different beach and to visit Vilcabamba. Angela knows a couple from Argentina who own an Eco-Resort in the jungle a kilometer or two out of Vilcabamba. They want to take a 6 week vacation and go to Argentina and they ater in touch with Angela about running the place for them in thier absence. If this works out we will go there for 6 weeks before continuing to explore the rest of Ecuador. If it doesnt happen we will just go exploring Ecuador and then go to Colombia.
Life in Mancora is pretty ideal. I have stayed in a few places a noisy hotel next to a disco and then in a bambu hut on the beach for 2 weeks and then in a nice little modern hospedaje in town and currently in Angelas house for 4 or 5 dnights during the big Peruian National holidays when the price of my room goes from 10 soles per night to 30.On August 1 I will move my stuff back into my 10 sol a night place or try to get into another hut on the beach for a couple of weeks. I love being in the little beach hut but the little hospedaje in town has its advantages too (good electric lighting and indoor plumbing). Both locations are cheap and tranquil. And from my room in town it is a 5 minute walk to the beach anyway. I spend a lot of nights at Angelas house anyhow, but having been a bachelor for a very long time, I like having my own space. We shall see how this works itself out when we start traveling. Good News! Angela says I dont snore!! I guess it is from losing weight.
Really nothing more to say for now. I will update you all again in a couple of weeks.
Rambling Roberto


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